Student Mental Health

There are many influences that contribute to our overall mental health and well-being. By reviewing our level of fulfillment in each of these influences or dimensions, we can determine in which areas we would like to make enhancements. We have identified suggested strategies and resources you can use to enhance your well-being in each dimension.

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Well-being strategies

 Academic and career well-being

  • Create a study schedule within your weekly routine and follow it
  • Follow a method such as SQ3R for reading and studying textbooks
  • Practice anxiety/stress management strategies before quizzes and exams
  • Clarify assignment expectations. Seek feedback on quizzes from your instructors
  • Take advantage of learning support services available at the college
  • Consult Academic Advisors to clarify program requirements and course selection
  • Take advantage of study groups to assist in your learning
  • Visit Counselling Services to identify/clarify your academic & career goals
  • Seek some volunteer opportunities that will provide experiential learning
  • Reflect on how your career goals connect with your educational program choices

Cognitive well-being

  • Monitor your tendency to use negative self-talk. Avoid self-judgment and “shoulds”
  • Challenge perfectionism. Accept that you gave it your “best effort”
  • Monitor and limit your illogical or irrational thinking
  • Take breaks from your study routine to refresh and recharge
  • Focus more on your positive accomplishments and less on your shortcomings
  • Reward your mental efforts and shift perspective with healthy, enjoyable activities
  • Make use of campus Counselling and the Centre for Accessible Learning when needed

Emotional well-being

  • Pay attention to your emotional experience and share your feelings
  • Notice when you experience emotional distress of and how it impacts you
  • Find time space to validate your emotions with significant friends/partner
  • Regularly practice meditation/relaxation techniques that provide a calming influence
  • Spend time with non-judgmental and supportive friends and family
  • Try to have a positive outlook and ask for help from others when you need it
  • Make room for fun, laughter and creative expression in your schedule
  • Make use of campus counselling and other student services as needed

Physical well-being

  • Remember that even small amounts of physical activity can improve and maintain well-being
  • Establish a regular sleep hygiene schedule and attempt to follow it regularly
  • Maintain a healthy eating routine. Prepare meals that yield leftovers to take along with nutritious snacks to college
  • Participate in fitness, yoga or other active programs on campus
  • Limit alcohol and tobacco use
  • Practice safe sex – communicate with your partner and/or consult with the Sexual Health Center on campus
  • If you have healthcare concerns, follow your healthcare provider’s suggestions

Spiritual well-being

  • Develop a spiritual/meditative practice that will invite deeper personal reflection
  • Practice self-compassion and compassion for others who may hold different beliefs
  • Participate in activities that encourage mind – body – spirit connection, such as yoga
  • Develop a reflective practice such as keeping a journal or participating in creative arts
  • Find ways to connect with a community that feels spiritually fulfilling to you
  • Be open and curious about the spiritual beliefs and cultural practices of others

Prayer/Meditation Spaces

Camosun College provides a quiet space on each campus for prayer and meditation. We ask that general group discussion or group activities be held in other areas. If other people are using the room, please respect their preferences and privacy, leaving once your prayer or meditation is complete.

Please report any concerns to Facilities by calling 250-370-3041.

Lansdowne Campus Prayer/Meditation Space
Richmond House 307
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-8:30pm

Interurban Campus Prayer/Meditation Space
Centre for Business & Access (CBA) 123
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-8:30pm

Social well-being

  • Practice open, clear communication in your social interactions
  • Be respectful of your own and others’ needs and ask for what you need
  • Share your feelings and be receptive to the emotional expression of others
  • Set clear boundaries and practice assertive communication when required
  • Try to problem-solve minor conflicts to resolve differences and restore harmony
  • Seek the assistance of counsellors to help navigate relationship challenges
  • Spend time with people who accept and validate you, without judgment
  • Plan to spend time with friends and family who practice healthy interpersonal communication

Financial well-being

  • Create a realistic estimate of the financial costs of your student lifestyle
  • Have a system to monitor or track your spending on a regular basis
  • Rely on your debit card or cash rather than credit cards for purchases
  • Avoid taking financial risks by purchasing items not actually needed
  • Locate budget food outlets and food banks, on and off campus
  • Work with Financial Aid and Awards to understand, apply for, and manage student loans and grants

Environmental well-being

  • Practice personal responsibility for your actions within your environment
  • Use sustainable practices for recycling and transportation whenever possible
  • Connect with the environment in an active fashion for a sense of appreciation and well-being, such as walking, hiking, camping, skiing or practicing mindfulness
  • Practice personal safety in relation to use of alcohol, substances, and sex
  • Seek support from counselling, Emergency Services (campus security) , Ombudsperson, the Island Sexual Health Clinic at Camosun or a community service if you’re personal safety is in danger or has been violated
  • Purchase and consume food and beverages that are grown locally

Self-help resources

Mobile apps

A free mobile app for coping with and managing anxiety
A free mobile app to help young people improve their mental health


Stress reduction exercises
Quick exercises to replenish energy and restore balance

Online resources

Anxiety BC
resources for recognizing and managing anxiety
mental health and substance use information and mental health screening