Office of Student Support

The Office of Student Support (OSS) works collaboratively with students, staff, faculty and community partners to ensure a safe and respectful campus learning environment for student success. The OSS provides leadership on issues of sexual and gender-based violence and non-academic student misconduct in alignment with Camosun policies and procedures. 

Supporting Students

Student Rights and Responsibilities

All members of the Camosun community, including Camosun students, have the responsibility to participate in a culture of respect, consent, and safety at Camosun. If any member of our Camosun community is concerned that a Camosun student’s actions are not in line with these expectations, a Student Support Manager within the OSS can respond to these concerns.

Sexualized and Gender-based Violence

Our Student Support Managers work collaboratively with  students who have been impacted by sexual and gender-based violence to address experiences, inform  options, support next steps, and connect to further supports within Camosun or the Victoria community, respectful of students’ right to choose the steps that are right for them.

Student Support Managers also offer information and assistance to respondents (those who have caused harm) in non-academic misconduct and sexualized violence cases. 

The OSS provides education and consultation to college faculty and staff to ensure Camosun employees have the knowledge and tools to participate in a culture of consent and the ability to respond effectively to students who have been impacted by sexualized and gender-based violence.


Promoting a safe and inclusive environment

The OSS leads education and outreach activities on the topics of consent and bystander education, responding to disclosures of sexualized violence for college employees, and leading Camosun’s annual Sexualized Violence Awareness Week. 

Learn more about the resources, policies, and processes which promote a safe and inclusive environment for all who attend Camosun College.

Supporting faculty and staff

When there is a concern about a student’s well being or behaviour, the Office of Student Support can provide staff and faculty with guidance and clarity on effective support options, college policy and processes, and tools to foster the growth, development, wellness, and safety of all Camosun students. Learn more about support for faculty and staff.

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Counselling Resources

Camosun's Counselling Team has compiled a list of resources to help you connect with support on campus and in the Greater Victoria community.

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