Non-Academic Misconduct

Students are at the centre of Camosun’s educational mission. Creating and maintaining a safe, respectful, secure, and supportive learning environment for students is the responsibility of all members of the College community.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students have the right to learn in a safe environment, free from harassment, violence, intimidation, bullying, hazing, and coercion, whether the conduct occurs in person or through the use of technology.

Any conduct on the part of a student that has, or might reasonably be seen to have a negative effect on the college or the college community, or that affects the health, safety, rights or property of the college or the college community may be subject to a college response under the Student Misconduct Policy. For that reason, it is important for students to be aware of their rights and responsibilities as a Camosun student and to familiarize themselves with institutional policies and process

Flow chart of student misconduct procedures. 1. Witness prohibited student conduct 2. Report to Office of Student Support [OSS] 3. OSS conducts initial review 4. Violation of Student Misconduct Policy E-2.5? No->OSS concludes violation NOT occurred; no further steps taken. Yes->OSS concludes that violation HAS occurred. Student notified of Allegation. College may impose Interim Measures. Informal Process used to resolve situation when appropriate.

This graphic outlines the processes and services available to any student, in the order in which they normally occur.

Role of the Office of Student Support

The Office of Student Support (OSS) leads Camosun’s response to concerns of non-academic student misconduct. Student Support Managers in the OSS will coordinate supports for students impacted by incidents of misconduct and will respond via an informal or formal process as appropriate to the situation.

The response to concerns of student misconduct will ensure a fair and transparent process that aims to result in an appropriate resolution, fostering accountability and personal integrity of students while also ensuring appropriate outcomes match the severity and nature of the situation. The safety of individuals and the community is always prioritized.

In the event the College considers students’ conduct to be inconsistent with the expectations, the College will respond to find an appropriate resolution that may include imposing disciplinary consequences that reflect the severity and nature of the inappropriate conduct.

We encourage students who have been impacted by non-academic student misconduct to connect with the Office of Student Support and know there are a number of supports and resources available to students both on and off campus.

For assistance with other unresolved college-related concerns, especially academic and administrative concerns, academic appeals, and complaints about College programs or services, students should contact Camosun's Ombudsperson at