Student Conduct - Non-Academic

Camosun College expects members of the College community to act in a manner that contributes to a positive, supportive and safe learning environment. These expectations are documented in Camosun's policies. 

It is important to be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a Camosun Student and to familiarize yourself with institutional policies.


Student Misconduct Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide clear expectations of appropriate student conduct and to establish processes for resolution of conduct issues or the imposition of sanctions for inappropriate conduct. All persons are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful way at Camosun College This Student Conduct Policy outlines Camosun’s expectations of all students. The Policy provides a framework, supported by principles and procedures, to address and resolve conduct issues. Its procedures include both an informal and formal resolution process. This Policy is in addition to students’ rights and responsibilities under other Camosun policies, directives and associated procedures, and under the laws of local, provincial and federal governments.

Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy

The purpose of the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy is to clearly communicate Camosun College’s commitment to prevent and respond to sexual violence and sexual misconduct through:

  • Establishing an environment where sexual violence and misconduct are not tolerated
  • Building and nurturing a culture of consent
  • Identifying clear and consistent support for people who have been impacted by sexual violence or misconduct
  • Using clear, appropriate and fair processes for handling complaints of sexual violence and misconduct
  • Providing education, training and awareness to the College Community about prevention and response to sexual violence and misconduct.

More information on Camosun’s Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy and how the OSS supports students.

Role of the Office of Student Support

The Office of Student Support leads the institutional application of the Student Misconduct Policy. The office receives concerns, complaints or reports of non-academic student misconduct. Student Support Managers in the Office of Student Support will coordinate supports for students impacted by incidents of non-academic misconduct and may initiate investigations of non-academic student misconduct via an informal or formal process as appropriate to the situation.

In the event the College considers students’ conduct to be inconsistent with the expectation of the Student Misconduct Policy, the College will respond to find an appropriate resolution that may include imposing disciplinary consequences that reflect the severity and nature of the inappropriate conduct

We encourage student who have been impacted by non-academic student misconduct to connect with the office of Student Support and know there are a number of supports and resources available to students both on and off campus. These supports are available to assist students in having a safe and successful experience while at Camosun College. 

For assistance with other unresolved College-related concerns, especially academic and administrative concerns, academic appeals, and complaints about College programs or services, students should contact the Camosun Ombudsperson at