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Sexual Violence Support and Education

Camosun College is committed to creating and maintaining a healthy learning and working environment in which sexual violence and misconduct is not tolerated. The college understands that survivors of sexual violence or misconduct deserve support and to understand the options for resolution available to them under the college’s Sexual Violence and Misconduct policy.

Get Urgent Support Now

You're in control

We believe that a survivor should freely choose the resolution options that make sense to them, and maintain a sense of control of the direction these actions take. We know that every person who experiences sexual violence or misconduct will choose to access support and engage in healing in a different way.

Getting support

Giving support

Five things to remember

  1. I have the right to be safe
  2. It’s okay not to feel okay right now
  3. I trust myself to make the right decision
  4. My voice matters
  5. I deserve to be understood and respected

Get the support you need.

Six things to remember to say

  1. It’s not your fault
  2. I believe you
  3. I respect your privacy
  4. There are people here who care and can help
  5. Let us tell you about the Student Support Manager and other resources available.
  6. You decide what you wish to do next

Learn how to give support