Support for Faculty and Staff

The Office of Student Support (OSS) also supports Camosun faculty and staff with individual consultations and group-based educational opportunities.


Student Support Manager

The OSS welcomes faculty and staff to reach out to a Student Support Manager at or 250-370-3311 to request a consultation, or to report when there is a non-academic misconduct concern or after receiving a disclosure of sexual or gender-based violence (or upon witnessing an incident). Student Support Managers work collaboratively with college partners to ensure the most appropriate student response under college policy and process.

Counselling Centre

For general student well-being and mental health concerns, that do not intersect with non-academic misconduct or sexualized violence, faculty and staff are invited to request a “faculty/staff consult” from Camosun’s Counselling Centre by calling 250-370-3571 or 250-370-4925.

If there is an immediate safety concern for a student in distress or an immediate safety risk to others on campus, contact Campus Security or 911 Emergency Services. Please review the Supporting Students in Distress document for more information on supporting students in crisis, as well as the Quick Guide to Student Supports.

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Counselling Resources

Camosun's Counselling Team has compiled a list of resources to help you connect with support on campus and in the Greater Victoria community.

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Training and Presentations

The OSS also provides the following education and training opportunities for faculty and staff.

Please submit training and presentation requests to with as much notice and information as possible to secure a booking. We'll contact you directly to confirm dates and times.

Introduction to Office of Student Support

Our team is happy to join you at your next staff meeting to present an overview of the services and policies connected to our department (i.e., Sexualized Violence and Non-Academic Student Misconduct), and the ways in which we support faculty and staff in implementing them at Camosun.

We are also happy to deliver a student-centered overview of our services in the classroom to students directly.

Delivery: In-person or Online
Audience: Faculty, Staff or Students
Duration: 10-30 minutes (can customize as needed)

Supporting Students in Distress

Delivered in partnership with Camosun’s Counselling Centre staff, learn how to identify, respond and support students in distress and how and when to engage OSS, Counselling Services and/or Emergency Services.

Delivery: In-Person or Online
Audience: Faculty and Staff
Duration: 90 minutes

Responding to Disclosures of Sexualized Violence 

To provide an overview of the Sexualized Violence (SV) policy and tips on how to communicate with students, and how to refer them to the Office of Student Support.

Delivery: In-Person or Online
Audience: Faculty and Staff
Duration: 90 minutes