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Centre for Accessible Learning

The Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) is part of Camosun’s Student Affairs unit. CAL coordinates academic accommodations and provides related programs and services to students with documented disabilities.

Welcome to CAL

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Providing equitable access to Camosun students

The Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) supports students who self-identify with a documented, diagnosed disability in achieving their educational goals by arranging and coordinating appropriate academic accommodations and related services. The centre also provides expert guidance to the college community, enabling faculty and staff to create a more accessible learning environment.

The Centre promotes leading practices to enhance equity and inclusion by:

  • Advancing the principles of universal design to minimize the need for adaptions and accommodations and  by creating a learning environment that meets the highest standard of usability and accessibility for all
  • Supporting students to be proactive self-advocates 
  • Providing training and development opportunities for faculty and staff and developing resources to support instructors
  • Ensuring academic accommodations and related services are aligned with the college’s educational mandate, academic principles, institutional policies, and legal obligations
  • Identifying and removing barriers that prevent access and impede success
  • Celebrating the diversity of abilities within the college and reducing disability-related stigma

About CAL

Our work is guided by the  Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities Policy and the BC Human Rights Code. We are committed to protecting the privacy of those using our services. Personal information regarding a student's disability is collected, used, disclosed, secured, and disposed of in accordance with the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the college’s Protection of Privacy policy.