Parents Supporting Student Mental Health

We value your support of your student's well-being. Following are some suggestions that parents and families can utilize to support their students' mental health and well-being.

Get Emergency Support

Familiarize yourself with our campus services and resources

The Camosun website, under the Student Services tab, lists services your student may find helpful. For example:

Be encouraging and supportive

Students often take time to adjust to the expectations and demands of post-secondary education. Many things are new and different and require learning for the first time. Be patient and supportive as your student makes these transitions.

Stay connected with your student's college experience

Check in with your student to see how things are going regularly. Remind them that they can talk to you about anything challenging, and also share their accomplishments and enjoyable experiences.

Recommend learning supports

Course requirements can be challenging and stressful. Students benefit from becoming organized and developing a study routine. Encourage your student by reminding them that they can receive assistance in their learning. Look under student services/health services on the college website.