Emergency Assembly Points

Students, staff and faculty should be aware of the location of the Emergency Assembly Point designated for buildings in which they work and study. In the event of emergency requiring building evacuation, everyone will gather at Emergency Assembly Points.

Emergency? Dial


for help in any emergency or


from any campus phone.

For non-emergency access to Campus Safety, please call 250-370-4567.

Lansdowne Emergency Assembly Point locations

Lawn beside Na’Tsa’Maht, the Gathering Place
South end Foul Bay parking lot at car pool area

Lansdowne Campus Map

Where is your EAP?

Building #EAP
2 Isabel Dawson2
3 Child Care Centre2
4 Dental Building1
5 Dunlop House1
6 Ewing Building1
7 Visual/Fine Arts Building1
8 Fisher Building2
9 Wilna Thomas Building1
10 Grounds Building2
12 Alan Batey Library & Learning Commons2
13 Paul Building2
14 Portable G1
15 Pottery Studio1
16 Richmond House2
18 Young Building1

Interurban Emergency Assembly Point locations

Parking lot 3 near Child Care Centre
Basketball court
Parking lot P9 near Centre for Trades Education and Innovation (CTEI)
PISE parking lot

Interurban Campus Map

Where is your EAP?

Building #EAP
1 Carpentry Classroom4
2 Carpentry Storage4
3 Fine Furniture Storage4
4 Carpentry Drafting Room4
5 Receiving/Printshop/Maintenance3
6 Facilities Services3
7 Carpentry Building3
8 Compressor Building3
9 Gas Cylinder Storage3
10 Child Care Centre3
11 John Drysdale Building4
12 Urban Diner4
13 Jack White Building3
14 Liz Ashton Campus Centre4
15 Huber Hall4
16 Technologies Building3
17 Chemical Storage Building3
18 Portable A4
19 Centre for Business & Access8
21 Centre for Trades Education and Innovation5
22 Pacific Institute for Sport Education8
28 Alex & Jo Campbell Centre for Health and Wellness (CHW)8