Severe Weather

In the event that the Capital Regional District faces extreme weather, here is an in-depth overview of campus closure protocols for Camosun College.

Closing due to severe snow or heat warnings

Decision making for campus closures is based on the following

Safety of students and employees;

  • Condition of the roads;
  • Status of BC Transit;
  • Conditions of both campuses – usually Interurban is worse hit and to avoid confusion if one campus needs to close then our procedure is that both are closed; and,
  • Feedback from emergency providers, police and municipalities.

Inclement weather

In the event of campus closure due to inclement weather instruction and services will be cancelled for the day.

Camosun will communicate the closing of campuses and cancellation of classes through:

  • Postings on the Camosun website homepage:
  • The media - local radio & TV stations
  • Postings on the main Camosun social media sites:
  • Messages on the main Camosun phone number: 250-370-3000
  • Notices on the Camosun College Emergency App (download Camosun’s free Emergency App)

Space will be open after notification of closures for one hour to accommodate people who may need time to make exit arrangements:

  • Lansdowne: Fisher Building foyer;
  • Interurban: Liz Ashton Campus Centre.

Once the college has been declared CLOSED, it will be closed for the remainder of the school day, including evening classes, and employees and students are asked to check the above communication outlets for further updates.

    Camosun College decisions on campus closures and procedures

    Deciding to close the college due to extreme weather is not a simple task. So we thought we’d tell you what the factors are that influence the decision.

    • First and foremost, we want people who need to come on campus to stay safe. So we look at a series of factors that include: are the buses running? Are main roads clear? Is the campus clear and safe? What are the conditions of the roads? Do we have power and heat? What are the local police departments saying and recommending? What’s the ongoing weather prediction? And to minimize confusion we work very hard to have these decisions made by 6:30am.
    • We also have a responsibility to make sure that as much as possible there is minimal disruption to courses and programs. Should exams need to be cancelled due to weather, the scheduling process includes an added Sunday as a day for rescheduling of final exams.

    We know that not everyone lives where the roads are clear and that buses run slow in inclement weather. Our best advice is to first and foremost look after yourself and be safe. You have to be the judge of that as every circumstance is different. If you can’t make it in, we suggest that you let your instructors know. And we understand.

    Campus Closure – Exams & Assignments

    Camosun College strives to respond to inclement weather proactively with clear messaging about campus closures. Often information is fast-changing and localized, and this can mean that circumstances change as the day proceeds. It may also mean that although the college campuses are open, students, in areas where weather is more severe, may not be able to make it to on-campus class.

    As a result, at times where weather circumstances are acknowledged to be variable and where severe weather or road conditions are at play, the college commits that students will not be negatively impacted where exams are scheduled or assignments are due. Both timelines will be adjusted to reasonably accommodate the student.

    In the event of a campus closure, it remains so for the rest of the day including the evening. This applies to programs or courses being delivered remotely.

    If you have further questions, please contact your school’s Administrative Office.