Everyone must evacuate immediately when a fire alarm is activated, even if there are no apparent signs of an emergency. Follow evacuation procedures and take instruction from the Camosun College emergency wardens and first responders. Do not re-enter buildings until the all clear has been given.

Emergency? Dial


for help in any emergency or


from any campus phone.

For non-emergency access to Campus Safety, please call 250-370-4567.

If you see or suspect a fire, and the alarm has not yet been sounded:

Remove anyone in immediate danger. Help people with mobility disabilities relocate to areas of refuge and report their location to the emergency warden.
Activate the nearest fire alarm and call 250-370-3075 from a mobile phone or 3075 from any college phone. Provide your exact location and the type of fire.
Contain the smoke and fire by closing doors. Turn off machinery if it is safe to do so.
Extinguish a small fire only if you feel safe and you have been trained to do so. Do not put yourself at risk.

If you hear fire alarm bells, follow evacuation procedures:

  • Secure hazardous materials and equipment before leaving if safe to do so.
  • Assist people with disabilities.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Check doors for heat before opening and stay low if moving through smoke.
  • Leave the building by the nearest exit.
  • Check for falling debris before exiting the building, and move away from doors once outside.
  • Go to your Emergency Assembly Point.
  • Never re-enter the building until notified by emergency personnel that it is safe to do so.