Emergency Procedures

The most important emergency procedure is preparation. The more prepared you are, the better you can act to minimize panic and danger for yourself and others.

Emergency? Dial


for help in any emergency or


from any campus phone.

For non-emergency access to Campus Safety, please call 250-370-4567.

Get to know the location of emergency exits in buildings where you spend time. Review the emergency procedures outlined here, and familiarize yourself with the best response in any emergency.

In the event of an emergency:

  1. Keep calm.
  2. Alert those around you.
  3. If you have received instructions from first responders or volunteer emergency wardens, via Camosun College email or from the Camosun College website, follow those instructions.
  4. If you require urgent assistance, call 250-370-3075.
  5. If internet access is available, updates and information will be available on the Camosun College home page.
  6. If internet access is disrupted, information will be relayed according to whatever means are available and best suit the situation.
  7. Above all, keep calm, think before you act, and act swiftly to minimize your exposure to danger.

Download a copy of the emergency procedures poster (prints 8.5" x 14")