CCS Policies and Forms

In order to comply with government licensing regulations and to provide the best care for your child, there are many policies to become familiar with once you have accepted a space in our child care centres. Listed below are key policies to help you better understand our standards of practice.


Safe environment

Child care centres are secure and staff are required to monitor attendance throughout the day. All centres are equipped with a Disaster Plan, First Aid kits, emergency evacuation plans, emergency exits, sprinklers, and earthquake supplies. Each family purchases an individual Earthquake Kit for their child at enrolment. Staff are first aid certified and the College also provides assistance for any emergencies in the centres.

In order to ensure a safe environment, staff also conduct daily visual inspections of our playgrounds, monthly fire drills, and annual earthquake drills.

Food and drink

Parents are to provide nutritious snacks/lunches fully prepared in a lunch kit. We promote healthy eating in accordance with the Canada Food Guide, the Indigenous Food Guide, and the child's preferences/dietary needs, as well as an inclusive approach to the diverse foods that families provide for their children. Safe drinking water is available at all times and we encourage children to drink as much as they require. Food restrictions may be introduced in a centre at any time if staff are made aware of a child with an allergy. Staff consult with the child's enrolling parent and develop a Health & Safety Plan which reflects the needs of the child.

Health Awareness

It is incumbent upon all attending CCS to ensure they do not attend if they are sick, experiencing any illness symptoms, unable to participate fully in routine activities, or are required to self-isolate by Public Health.

Health Policies

CCS maintains the right to change policies as directed by Public Health and the right to request a health assessment at any time. Key health and safety measures are in place to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all. For details, view our Health Policyand Permission to Administer Medication Form. For more information on immunizations, refer to the BC Health Guide's Immunization Schedule.

Illness Prevention

CCS endorses and engages in preventative health practices to decrease the incidences of illness and spread of disease. This includes such measures as vaccination, handwashing, respiratory etiquette, sanitization, environmental cleaning, and reducing transmission in activities.

Late pick-up

It is considered a late pick up if parents have not signed out their child by 4:50 pm. If a late pick up occurs more than once, the enrolling parent will be required to pay a late fee of $10 for the first ten minutes and $20 for each ten-minute increment thereafter, payable immediately, or the following day, at the latest.


In order to withdraw, the enrolling parent must submit written notice to CCS two months prior to their last day of care. The Withdrawal Form must be submitted to the Child Care Office at the end of the month and there is no reduction in fees due to early withdrawal.