Our child care centres are staffed by qualified early childhood educators who are committed to providing rich learning experiences for the children in their care.

Staff are licensed through the BC Early Childhood Educator Registry

Staff are licensed through the BC Early Childhood Educator Registry, have completed a Criminal Record check, are first aid certified and regularly participate in professional development.

In addition, our educators are regularly sought out as mentors for students completing the Early Learning and Care program.

What parents say about our staff

To the lovely and talented child educators at Camosun:

Back in January, I took a huge leap from being a stay-at-home-mom of 2 years, to taking full-time trades course at Camosun. As you can imagine, I was very nervous – not only about my work load – but that someone else was going to be caring for my daughter and teaching her things that I would never get to be a part of.

As it turns out, there are too many reasons to list as to why I know I made the right choice. I can barely get her to leave because she's just having too much fun. She has grown so much in many ways, made so many friends, and has always had great things to say about her teachers and her time at school. Thank you all for being such a positive part of our lives.

- Alumni

The educators go above and beyond to offer exceptional opportunities for children to learn about citizenship and obviously have fun supporting the children's' growth. I have been very happy with the care that my child has received. Thank you!

- Parent

Camosun Child Care Services has been a second home for my son. The staff is truly superb and the centres are a safe, welcoming place. We love the sense of community that the staff fosters so wonderfully and the support we receive as parents returning to school. We recommend the centre to everyone we know.

- Student Parent

The center at Camosun is the BEST PLACE on EARTH for my child. I wouldn't have wished for anything else. I feel the last 2 years of my child's life has been the most productive! Thank you sooooooooooo much!

- Parent