Child Care Programs

Child care programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Operating Hours for all centres at Lansdowne and Interurban:
Monday - Friday 8am – 4:50pm
(Centres closed July & August)

Infant (newborn - 18 months)

The Educators build positive relationships with the infants and families through a primary care approach with the goal being to partner with families in responding to the unique needs of the infant. This partnership ensures consistent care for each infant and the formation of a trusting reciprocal relationship. Personal care times with an infant’s primary caregiver maximize the development of attachment for the child and fulfill the infant’s need for unhurried one on one time through open dialogue, cooperative participation in their care and warm, engaged individual attention. While supporting the personal care needs of the infants in their primary caregiving group, the Educators also work as a team to support the entire group.

Each infant is encouraged to develop at their own pace and make their own choices. Educators ensure that the infant is supported in their individual pursuits while modeling respect, problem solving skills, and appropriate consideration for themselves and others. We believe in fostering a partnership with families and we always value your input, questions, and concerns.

Interurban Campus: The Chickadee Centre – 8 spaces

An adult gently leads a toddler across a log on a playground.

An adult gently leads a toddler across a log on a playground.

Toddler (19 - 35 months)

While supporting the entire group, the Educators build positive relationships with each toddler through a respectful and responsive approach. This provides both the parents and the toddler with individual and consistent care. Establishing a secure foundation from which to explore the world gives toddlers the confidence they need to form meaningful connections with other children, adults, places, and things.

Our goal is to use meal times, rest time, and toileting routines as opportunities to build a close relationship with each child while attending to their developmental needs. 

Routines for toddlers take into account the children’s fluctuation between independence and dependence. Educators strive to provide a consistent, predictable routine for toddlers, with a commitment to flexibility as required, consideration of the needs of the entire group, and a goal of all interactions cultivating a sense of well-being and belonging for each toddler.

Interurban Campus: The Sparrow Centre – 8 spaces
Lansdowne Campus: The Hummingbird Centre – 8 spaces

ECE student reading to a child aged 5

Our Educators build positive relationships with each child.

Preschool (3 - 5 years)

Children are encouraged to learn in their play as the environment is designed to respect their individual interests, development level, ability to make their own choice, and the diversity of the entire group. The focus in the preschool centres is to support children in developing critical social thinking skills that initiate and sustain relationships with others as well as develop a strong sense of self-esteem.

The Educators, in partnership with the parents, establish a secure foundation for the child from which they can explore the world and establish meaningful connections. While supporting both the individual child and the entire group, Educators encourage children to develop at their own pace and ensure that they are supported in their pursuits while modeling respect, problem solving skills, and appropriate consideration for others.

The Educators use observation and reflection tools daily in order to support children’s early learning capacities, their growing sense of self, and to encourage them to go beyond their current level of understanding or skill.

Interurban Campus: The Quail Centre – 24 spaces
Lansdowne Campus: The Heron Centre – 16 spaces


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