Academic Accommodation for Trades Students (Foundation or Apprenticeship)

If you are a Trades (Foundation or Apprenticeship) student you are in the right place to request your letters of accommodation for your course instructors and to request to book your accommodated exams

Step 1: Accommodation letters

To access academic accommodations, Trades (Foundation or Apprenticeship) students registered with CAL need to request their Letter of Academic Accommodation be shared with their course instructors as soon as possible each term.

  • The letter of Academic Accommodation confirms a student is registered with CAL and lists their academic accommodations. The letter does not state a diagnosis or category of disability.

Click and submit the following web form to request your letters. Please be patient as it may take up to 30 seconds to log into the web form or submit information you have entered into it.

Step 2: Book your accommodated exams

Trades (Foundation or Apprenticeship) students registered with CAL book their exams where academic accommodations are needed.

  • Be sure to select the Interurban campus.
  • Be sure to check off the boxes on the form for your approved accommodations that you require for each exam.
  • All exams booked will be reported to the course instructor, outlining the accommodations required.

Click and submit the following web form to request bookings for your accommodated exams:


Trades students (Foundation or Apprenticeship):

  • 3 business days before the exam

Is your final an SLE or Red Seal exam through SkilledTradesBC?

  • If you need to schedule a Red Seal or SLE exam, it needs to be scheduled through SkilledTradesBC with at least 30 days notice to receive accommodations. Please make sure to email with your SkilledTradesBC ID number and we will get all the forms started and sent on your behalf.