Student Academic Accommodation (non-trades programs)

Instructions for both students (registered with CAL) and instructors, in non-trades programs, to provide academic accommodation letters and book accommodated exams.

Steps Students follow (in non-trades programs)

Students registered with CAL will need to complete the following two steps to share their Academic Accommodation Letters with course instructors and to book accommodated tests and exams with CAL.

Step 1: Academic accommodation letters

Use the new online student portal to securely share your letters of academic accommodation each term with your course instructors

Submit accommodation letter

Review the tutorial video for more information about how to use the online student portal:

How to share your letter Tutorial 


  • Please be patient while you log into the portal or submit information you have entered into it (it can take up to 30 seconds to submit).
  • If there is a course where there is no instructor currently identified, submit the request to share the letter. CAL staff will notify you when the instructor is populated on myCamosun and notify you of next steps. 
  • Students have the responsibility to share their accommodation letter with each of their course instructors (for courses in which they seek accommodation) at the start of each term, or the earliest possible date after the term begins.
  • Students will be able to access their letters of accommodation once they have been shared with course instructors through the online portal for the current term.

Step 2: Book exams

Students are required to book their exams where academic accommodations are needed through the CAL Exams Booking Form below.

Book accommodated exams


  • Be sure to select the correct campus the exam is taking place (Lansdowne, Interurban, or Online [at home]). If you are completing an online exam from home, please indicate if CAL invigilation is required in the comments.
  • Be sure to check off the boxes on the form for your approved accommodations that you require for each exam.
  • All exams booked will be reported to the course instructor, outlining the accommodations required.

Reminder Emails

  • If the exam is taking place on-campus, students will receive a reminder email with instructions regarding the place and time of the exam (sent 3 days before exam).
  • For online courses, students who require remote invigilation will receive a reminder email with instructions on how to connect with CAL for the duration of the exam (sent 3 days before exam).
  • Students writing remotely without invigilation through CAL will not receive a reminder email.

Exam booking deadlines (during the term)

2 weeks before the exam:

  • If students are unable to book within the deadline, please still book the exam. Students will receive an email if it isn’t possible process the exam request.
  • Students are asked to fill out the online booking form to the best of their ability.
  • Students are encouraged to book exams as early as possible.

Final exam booking deadlines

Semester students final exam booking deadlines:  

  • 2023F – November 27, 2023 by 4pm 
  • 2024W – April 1, 2024 by 4pm 
  • 2024S – two weeks before the exam date


Instructors (non-trades)

You will receive an email notice to log into the Course Instructor portal to securely view students' Letter of Academic Accommodation when the student shares that letter with you through their side of this system. The letter outlines the student's academic accommodations. Alternatively, you can log into the Course Instructor portal at any point to review letters that have been shared with you.

Instructor portal   How to view letters tutorial


  • If you have any questions regarding the academic accommodations listed, please contact the CAL Faculty Instructor listed on the letter.
  • If you require assistance in applying the academic accommodations to your course, please refer to the Implementing Academic Accommodations libguide.
  • As students register with CAL throughout the term, you can expect to receive notices of letters shared with you at any point.
  • Please note: CAL does not have access to your course materials or exam settings on D2L.