About the School of Access

We want to give you a pathway to reach your educational goals and support you along the way.


Who we are

Shared Values

We value, celebrate, and honour:

  • inclusive and accessible learning
  • relationship, respect and dignity
  • diversity and individual journeys
  • integrity, quality and responsibility
  • innovation, creativity, collaboration and relevance
  • grace and compassion.
Upgrading trades student in front of servers


The School of Access offers students educational opportunities. We support and strengthen students’ abilities to enrich their lives and communities.


The students and communities we serve are at the center of our work and they know it.


  • Educate others across the college and in the community about what we do through students' stories
  • Support students to achieve their goals by expanding our network of strategic contacts and building government and corporate partnerships
  • Find ways to best transition students to campus from community agencies and partner sites
  • Link vulnerable students to community services
  • Protect established relationships and value serving our community, even when enrolments move slightly in either direction
  • Create opportunities for community partners to come on campus to talk with students and acknowledge them as contributing to Camosun
ETP students holding compost

Message from the Dean

Welcome to Camosun's School of Access — We want to give you a pathway to reach your educational goals and support you along the way.

You can finish your high school diploma, brush up on a few skills or get the academic requirements you need for other programs.

The first step on your pathway may be in the community and the second on-campus. Or the pathway may start with career exploration and move on to a better job - it doesn't really matter. What matters is that you've probably come to us to begin a new phase in your life, and we can provide you with the pathway you need to make it to where you want to go.

We are a doorway, a launchpad, a starting point - it's not where you end up, but where you begin.

Good luck on your journey!

Ian Humphries,
Dean of the School of Access