Your PaperCut Account

PaperCut is the name of the system used at Camosun to track and charge for student printing and photocopying on campus.

Getting started

Every registered Camosun student (except those taking only non-credit Continuing Education courses) has a PaperCut account with a one–time only credit of $1.50 for 15 single sided, letter or legal size, black & white prints or copies.

When you print to a lab printer, or copy on a student copier, the appropriate cost-per-print is automatically deducted from your account. You will need to purchase more credits if you wish to print or copy after your free print credits are used up.

Login to PaperCut

Save money at the Printshop

Did you know? If you have a multi-page colour document, the Camosun Printshop can print it for a lower cost than using a self-serve printer.

We'll process your job as quickly as possible—normally within 2 hours.

Find your closest Camosun Printshop location.

Add money to your account

You will receive an on-screen message when your account balance is below $1.

Top-up card option

You can purchase a top-up card from the Bookstore or Library in $2, $5 or $10 denominations, via cash, debit, or credit card.

  1. Purchase a top-up card.
  2. Log in a Camosun computer. When the PaperCut Account Balance opens, click Details….
  3. Log in using your Camosun ID and password.
  4. Click Redeem Card on the left. Enter the top-up card number exactly as it appears using case-sensitive letters and dashes in the Card Number box and click Use Card.
  5. Throw the card in a recycling bin.

Top-up cards and account balances are non-refundable, but account balances may be transferred to another student. Account balances carry over from term to term and expire six months after you officially leave Camosun.

View your account

  1. Log in a Camosun computer. When the PaperCut Account Balance opens, click Details….
  2. Log in using your Camosun ID and password.

Use the links on the navigation bar on the left side of the PaperCut screen to view your account history, recent print jobs or to transfer a balance from your account to someone else’s.

Camosun is proud to use 100% recycled chlorine free paper in all copiers and printers. Camosun encourages environmentally responsible printing by setting the default on most Camosun printers to double-sided, and gives a discount of .5¢ per page for printing double-sided.

If you need a single sided print, see Self-Serve Printing.

Printing/photocopy costs

Black and white

Paper sizePrice/pageNotes
Letter or Legal size9.5¢ for double-sided10¢ for single-sided
Tabloid (11×17”)16¢Not available in all labs


Paper sizePrice/page
Legal or Tabloid (11×17”) colour80¢
  • Prices include tax
  • A discount of .5¢ to 1¢ is given for double-sided printing.
a student uses a photocopier in the Library

Self-serve printing

Self-server printers are located in multiple locations on both campuses.