From math basics to advanced calculus to trades-specific skills, we provide help to refresh your math skills, work on your math assignments with our support or get tutoring on specific topics. Online Math support is offered: Monday-Thursday 9am – 8pm and Friday 9am – 4:30pm.

Math help is available for

  • Trades training or apprenticeship math
  • Math 021-058 – Foundations Math
  • Math 072-097, 107, 115 & 139 - College Prep Math
  • Math 100 and up – University Transfer, Stats, Engineering & Computer Science Math

Two ways to get help the help you need

  1. Book a session in Microsoft Teams for Live Chat Math support
    • Choose the service, staff, date, and time for your appointment
    • Check your e-mail for the meeting invite. When you’re ready, click the Join Microsoft Teams meeting link.
    • Open Teams with Join on the web using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Please enable your webcam and microphone.
    • Alternatively, you can download the Teams desktop or mobile app
  2. Email
    For quick questions, please include your name and course number (e.g. MATH 053), and feel free to add photos of your work and/or textbook. We'll do our best to respond within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

Math Help Centre FAQs

Which Math Help Centre should I go to and what are the differences?

Camosun currently has five math help centres, designed to collectively support you in all MATH and STATS courses, as well as trades and nursing programs. Each is dedicated to your specific course level.

  • Trades and Apprenticeship program
    Trades Math Help Centre - Interurban, Jack White Building, Room 123
  • Foundations MATH course (one that starts with 02, 03, or 05)
    Academic Upgrading Help Centre – Interurban, CBA Building, Room 109 or
    Access Math Help Centre – Lansdowne, Ewing Building, Room 342
  • College Prep MATH course (072, 073, 135, 137, 107, or 115) -
    - Access Math Help Centre – Lansdowne, Ewing Building, Room 342
    - Math Lab – Lansdowne, Ewing Building, Room 224
    - Math Lab – Interurban, Technologies Building, Room 142
  • University Transfer MATH or STAT course (any not mentioned above, including math for elementary education, computing, and engineering)
    - Math Lab – Lansdowne, Ewing Building, Room 224
    - Math Lab – Interurban, Technologies Building, Room 142

What are the hours for the Math-Help Centres?

Hours can vary between semesters and around exam time. Schedules are posted online and on the doors of individual help centres.

Can I make an appointment for a Math Help Centre?

All of the math labs and math help centres are drop-in only and operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I get help with other subjects other than MATH and STATS?

The help centres and labs are primarily intended for you if you are currently enrolled in MATH or STAT courses at Camosun or completing the math components of trades or nursing programs, though we can sometimes help with math questions related to other Camosun courses. We also have help centres specific to English, writing, and science help centres.

Can I use a computer?

The Lansdowne Math Lab (E 224), Access Math Help Centre (E 342) and Academic Upgrading Help Centre (CBA 109) have some computers available for the students they serve. Maple software is available on computers in E 224, as well as in the general purpose computer labs. 

students working in a  private study room in the library

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