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100-Level to 500-Level Courses

Help Centres provide support for all levels of coursework in any subject. We offer one-on-one tutoring, tips and tools, as well as  dedicated instructional assistants to help you with your assignments.

Support for students taking 100-level to 500-level courses

English Help Centre 

Ewing Building 202 Lansdowne

Academic and writing support for all 100-level to 500-level courses: English, Business, Nursing, Sociology and more

  • Advice and tutoring for essay organization and structure
  • Help with grammar and punctuation
  • Quiet study space
  • Computers and printer
  • Computer and document-formatting assistance
  • Resource and lending library
  • Ask us about our workshops


Writing Centre

Lansdowne or Interurban Library

Academic and writing support for all

100-level to 500-level courses; English, Business, Nursing, Sociology, and more

  • Advice and tutoring at any stage in the writing process
  • Help with assignments for any class
  • Brainstorming ideas for assignments
  • Organizing and developing ideas for assignments
  • Learning how to use evidence effectively 
  • Using citation styles such as APA and MLA
  • Understanding grammar and punctuation rules



Writing Centre Appointments

Prepare for your appointment

  • If this is your first time booking an appointment you will need to register for an account. Watch this video for help.
  • Within the online booking system, upload a copy of your assignment and your instructor's guidelines.
  • Choose the topic on which you want to focus.
  • Allow time after your appointment to revise your essay.

Cancellation policy and no-shows

  • Cancel at least 30 minutes before your appointment using the same online booking system or email the writing consultant.
  • You can request up to two appointments per week