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University of Wales Trinity Saint David - Wales

Experience a friendly and close-knit campus community at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD). You can choose from a large variety of academic courses taught by knowledgeable and passionate faculty. Don’t miss out on the great opportunity to discover Wales and England through UWTSD’s Cultural Program.



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  • Carmarthen or Lampeter, Wales, United Kingdom


  • Autumn: September-December
  • Spring: January-March
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  • English


Fields of Study

  • Arts & Science
  • Business
  • Health & Human Services
  • Sport & Exercise


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Credit Transfers

The following sample credit transfers show how your TSD courses could transfer back to Camosun.

TSD CourseCamosun Course
Body, Culture, and SocietyANTH 290 Special Topics in Religion
The Business of WritingCRWR 159 Publishing and Promotion
Buddhist PhilosophyREL 1XX Religion 100-level
Coaching PedagogySFL 3XX Sport and Fitness Leadership 300-level
Contesting Conflict: War and Representation 1789-2010HIST 290 Special Topics in History
Creative Writing – Imagination within StructureCRWR 152 Creative Non-Fiction 1
Creative Writing Towards PublicationCRWR 159 Publishing and Promotion
Critical and Cultural TheoryENGL 288 Literature and Popular Culture
Exercise ReferralSPEX 3XX Sport and Exercise 300-level
Exercise, Technology and Healthy PopulationSFL 2XX Sport and Fitness Leadership 200-level
Film HistoryART 178 History of Film
Imagining the Other: Theories of ReligionREL 2XX Religion 200-level
International Student Work Placement/Internship Module*CFCS 241 Practicum 2
Jesus and the World’s ReligionsREL 290 Special Topics in Religion
Leading and Coaching Outdoor SportsSFL 335 Individual Sports and Activities
Managing the High Performance AthleteSPEX 3XX Sport and Exercise 300-level
Material Worlds: Approaches to Economic RelationsANTH 290 Special Topics in Religion
Medieval Europe: From Charlemagne to the Hundred Years War, 800-1453HIST 1XX History 100-level
Modern America from Washington to ObamaHUM 1XX Humanities 100-level
Modern Britain 1776 to 1997HIST 290 Special Topics in History
Nutrition in Sport and ExerciseCHEM 214 Nutrition for Fitness
People's Worlds: Lives and livelihoodsANTH 1XX Anthropology 100-level
The Pity Distilled: Literary Responses to WarENGL 1XX English 100-level
Public Policy and Strategies in HealthSPEX 2XX Sport and Exercise 200-level
Revolution, Nationalism & Democracy in EuropeHIST 122 Europe: Revolution to Present
Safe Participation in Outdoor SportsSFL 3XX Sport and Fitness Leadership 300-level or SPEX 350 Health and Fitness Promotion
Sects, Self and Society: Alternative Spiritualities in the WestREL 290 Special Topics in Religion
Theory, Methods and Practice: Critical PerspectivesANTH 290 Special Topics
Writing PoetryCRWR 156 Poetry 1
Welsh Literature in EnglishENGL 290 Special Topics in Literature
Two of:
  • Contemporary Issues – Children and Young People*
  • Challenges during Adolescence and their Impact for the Youth Service*
  • Early Childhood International Perspectives*
CFCS 250 Social Justice Today

*Community, Family and Child Studies Diploma approved exchange courses.