University of Morioka - Japan

Study in Victoria’s sister city, Morioka, for an immersive Japanese experience. At the University of Morioka, you will receive customized Japanese language and culture instruction in a small classroom setting.




  • Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, Japan


  • Fall: October-March
  • Spring: April-September


  • Japanese and English


  • See Credit Transfers

Field of Study

  • Arts & Science


  • Dormitory (see fact sheet)

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Credit Transfers

The following sample credit transfers show how your Morioka courses could transfer back to Camosun.

Morioka CourseCamosun Course
Linguistics (Semantics)HUM 1XX Humanities 100-level
Linguistics A (Semantics)HUM 1XX Humanities 100-level
Linguistics C (Phonology)HUM 1XX Humanities 100-level
Basic German 1HUM 1XX Humanities 100-level
Elementary German 1HUM 1XX Humanities 100-level
English LinguisticsHUM 1XX Humanities 100-level
Linguistics (Syntax)HUM 2XX Humanities 200-level
PhoneticsHUM 1XX Humanities 100-level
Basic German 2HUM 1XX Humanities 100-level

All of:

  • Japanese Calligraphy 1
  • Japanese Calligraphy 2
ART 1XX Art 100-level
Topics on Japan for JSL 1JAPN 2XX Japanese 200-level
Topics on Japan for JSL 2JAPN 2XX Japanese 200-level

All of:

  • Basic Japanese 1
  • Japanese Reading and Writing 1
  • Japanese Conversation 1

All of:

  • JAPN 200 Second Year Japanese 1
  • JAPN 201 Second Year Japanese 2

All of:

  • Japanese Intermediate 1
  • Japanese Reading and Writing 2
  • Japanese Conversation 2

All of:

  • JAPN 229 Intermediate Japanese 1
  • JAPN 230 Intermediate Japanese 2