Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - Spain

Study at one of Spain's top universities in one of the Mediterranean's top cities. The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is ranked globally for its quality of teaching and excellence in research. You will study in either the Faculty of Economics and Finance or the Tourism Management program.




  • Barcelona, Spain


  • Semester 1: September to February
  • Semester 2: February to July


  • Catalan, Spanish, English


Faculty of Economics and Finance

  • Tourism and Hotel Management (upon request)

Fields of Study

  • Business


Consular Services

Other Info

Credit Transfers

The following sample credit transfers show how your UAB courses could transfer back to Camosun.

UAB Tourism and Hotel Management CourseCamosun Course
Business ManagementMARK 110 Introduction to Marketing
Customer ManagementMARK 365 Consumer Behaviour
Economics of TourismECON 1XX Economics 100-level
Human Resource ManagementBUS 2XX Business 200-level
Organization of Congress and EventsHMGT 286 Integrated Events Management
Tourism Board ManagementTMGT 210 Canadian Perspectives in Tourism
Tourism SustainabilityBUS 261 Sustainability in Business
Tourism Related TopicsTMGT 240 Global Tourism System
UAB Economics and Finance CourseCamosun Course
Capital MarketsECON 210 Money and Banking
Industrial OrganizationECON 205 Managerial Economics
International TradeBUS 460 International Trade and Finance
Marketing 2MARK 110 Introduction to Marketing
Marketing Research 2MARK 2XX Marketing 200-level
Operations ManagementBUS 232 Operations Management
Operations ResearchECON 2XX Economics 200-level
Statistics 1BUS 230 Elementary Statistics
Strategic Management 2BUS 220 Organizational Behaviour
Espanol Nivel A1SPAN 100 Basic Spanish 1