Arial view of the Hallym Campus in South Korea

Hallym University - South Korea

The Hallym University experience includes a diverse curriculum, experienced and professional faculty, and a global campus. Located in the northern part of South Korea, you can discover the surrounding mountains and lakes, hop on a quick train ride to Seoul, and visit stunning national parks nearby.

Credit Transfers

The following sample credit transfers show how your Hallym courses could transfer back to Camosun.

Hallym CourseCamosun Course
Basic KoreanKORE 100 Korean Basic 1
Business SeminarPHIL 330 Ethics in Business
Exploring the DMZPSC 1XX Political Science 100-level
Finance 1FIN 110 Fundamentals of Finance
Intermediate MacroeconomicsECON 204 Intermediate Macroeconomics
International Business (E)BUS 360 Global Business Strategies
International CommunicationCMNS 1XX Communication 100-level
International Financial AccountingACCT 110 Financial Accounting 1
International Financial MarketsBUS 2XX Business 200-level
Korean Cultural InheritancesHUM 1XX Humanities 100-level
Korean Film and LiteratureHUM 1XX Humanities 100-level
Korean Religious and Cultural TraditionsREL 290 Special Topics in Religion
Management PrinciplesBUS 150 Introduction to Management
On BorderingPSC 1XX Political Science 200-level
Quality ManagementBUS 232 Operations Management
Sociology Perspectives in Modern KoreaASIA 2XX Asia Pacific 100-level