Student Logins and Accounts

Camosun College provides students with a Camosun Domain Account to access computers, online services and systems.

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Your Camosun Domain Account

Many of Camosun's resources (computers, online services, and systems) used your Camosun Domain Account* to sign-in. Camosun Domain Accounts are based on your Camosun ID. Some services may ask you to log in with your Student ID, Student Number, Colleague #, Camosun ID or C-number. Regardless of the wording, this is referring to your Camosun ID.

When signing in some resource may use a short or long version of your Camosun Domain Account. The following are examples of the two formats:

Short version: C#######
Long version:

The following are some examples of resources that use your Camosun Domain Account:

By using your account to sign-in to access computers, services, and systems you are agreeing and are subject to the following policies:

To activate your account please see the Account Activation page on our Service Portal for more information

*For the purposes of delivering education, Camosun College uses various cloud-based systems to manage your account including systems and services that may be hosted in other countries, e.g., U.S., as authorized by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

Your Camosun ID

Camosun ID's start with a capital C followed by 7 numbers, e.g., C0999999, and can be found on your student card.

    An example of a Camosun College ID card.

    Other Accounts

    Other services and systems, see examples below, may use a different account with a different username and password.

    Library Accounts

    Use your Camosun Domain Account to access library databases, ebooks, streaming videos and other licensed digital content off campus. You can also use your Camosun Domain Account to place holds, renew items, and check due dates in the library catalogue.

    Please contact the library if you have questions about your account or log in information.

    Camosun Bookstore Account

    Live Chat

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    JavaScript is required for chat.