Remote Desktop Instructions

Once you have connected to Camosun’s VPN, you can use Remote Desktop to connect to lab computers.

You can chat with student tech support Monday–Friday, from 8 am–4 pm.


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Installing Remote Desktop

You must have Microsoft Remote Desktop installed to connect to lab computers. If you need to install the software, download it for free from the Microsoft StoreMac App StoreiOS App Store or Google Play.

Connecting to Lab Computers

  1. Connect to the Camosun VPN
  2. Select a lab from the Computer Labs with Remote Access list
  3. Choose a computer marked "Available" and click the Log in button to download the RDP connection file for that computer
  4. Open or run the RDP connection file
  5. A warning dialogue box may be shown. Check that the Remote computer name is correct and click Connect
  6. Enter your Camosun credentials to log in to the lab machine. Use the format camosun\C# for your User name as shown in the example.
  7. When you are done using the computer please sign out by clicking the Start Menu, your name, then Sign Out

Contact information

For technical support please contact us:

ITS Service Desk


Live Chat

Online chat is normally available from 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday


JavaScript is required for chat.