Getting started hiring a WIL, Co-op or Internship Student

Getting Started

  • Think about your business objectives. What skills gaps do you have? What projects or project pieces do you want to complete? What problems do you want to solve in your organization? Can you align your goals with those of the student?
  • Depending on the skills or the type of role you are looking to bring a student on board for connect with one our Employment Facilitators in that area to discuss your business goals.
  • Determine the benefits a WIL student can bring to your organization. Identify what you can offer the student, and how you will create a learning environment.
  • Articulate measurable outcomes for your organization and for the student

The ideal time to begin student recruiting at Camosun is October - December; February - April; and June - August. Most students search for work terms 2-3 months before each semester begins, e.g. January, May, and September.

Assessing your needs

  • List the skills you would like your work-term student to possess. Consider both hard and soft skills; focus on any niche skills missing inhouse.
  • Examine your to-do list, as well as your wish list. Where can the student fill project gaps? Develop a draft task list for the student.
  • Determine the length of time you would like to employ the student. How many hours per week and for how many weeks? Camosun co-op programs require 420-hour work terms. Internships require 300 hours.
  • Reflect on your workplace resources and overall culture.
  • Determine what you will need to support the student regarding space, budget, and staff resources.
  • If the work term will be virtual or a hybrid of virtual and in-house, do you have the necessary tech stack?
  • Determine what supports or resources you need to support a student employee.

Designing the position

  • Review your business objectives. Create a position that fits both the work you need and want to be completed—and the student’s academic goals.
  • What salary is your organization able to pay the student employee for 300 to 420 hours of work? Over 15 federal and provincial funding programs are available to offset expenses as an incentive to employers to open their doors to Camosun students. Ask your Employment Facilitator about these while you are creating your position.
  • What skills, both hard and soft, does the work require? What foundational knowledge does the role require?
  • Would a first- or second-year student or someone nearing graduation best suit the role?
  • Would the work term experience best suit a co-op, internship, or research and development project?
  • Consider the student perspective and what would make a valuable work experience. Consider the level of expertise you require, the length of the work term, and the program expectations. Can all stakeholders be satisfied?
  • Allow time for creativity, growth, and mentorship. The position should include routine tasks, special projects, and space to explore.
  • Be flexible. Depending on the applications you receive and the candidates you meet, you may be inspired to take the position in a different direction.

Writing a compelling job description

  • Tell students about your organization, the culture, your goals, and your vision.
  • Summarize your business objectives and why this position exists. Students will want to be certain of their goals.
  • Highlight what your organization offers students who are learning and developing their skills. Students want to work with firms that provide mentorship, guidance, and opportunities to develop their professional skills.
  • State the base-level qualifications you are looking for, highlighting skills and attitudes over traditional work experience.
  • Include a brief overview of the primary responsibilities - a list of tasks, deliverables, and responsibilities that the potential student candidate would be working on.
  • Outline the salary range. In general, our WIL students are paid between $16 - 22/hour, depending on the role.
  • Outline the specific start and end dates you want your job posting to be live on our portal.
  • Job opportunities can be posted anytime to
  • Provide the exact start and end date of the work term.