Recruit a WIL, Co-op or Internship Student

A planned, well-implemented, and organized work-integrated learning (WIL) co-op or internship experience provides powerful educational opportunities for students and unmatched access to rising talent for employers.

Consider these benefits

A low cost way to increase capacity

Engaging a student is a cost effective way to tackle ebbs and flows in the workplace— no matter the economic temperature. When the economy is bustling and talent is at a premium, students can fill skills gaps. If the economy cools and budgets tighten, students can step up and be a resource to tackle value-added projects.

Target and develop specific skills

Survey results show that developing specific skills your organization needs is the #1 reason employers participate in work-integrated learning. Camosun College supplies local industries with skilled workers equipped with applied knowledge relevant to today’s jobs. We offer WIL programs in Business, Engineering, Technology, Hospitality & Tourism, Humanities, Science and Sport & Exercise Management.

Recruit once, hire twice

Many work placements result in long-term employment, which reduces future recruitment costs. A former student is an ideal new hire: already familiar with your workplace culture and ready to jump in and contribute.

Access to funding opportunities

Over 15 federal and provincial funding programs are available to offset expenses as an incentive to employers to open their doors to Camosun students. 

Raise community profile

Organizations know that corporate social responsibility is a crucial element in remaining competitive. Offering young adults an opportunity to explore their career goals and options is a valuable service to the community and Canada’s future.

Strengthen industry-college relations

Partnering with a Camosun offers rich opportunities to engage in on-going research and development projects and connect with experts in different industries. Organizations play an important role in strengthening and education.

Access new ideas and energy

Camosun students are up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends and are drivers of innovation. Integrating a young employee into your team brings fresh enthusiasm, energy, and options for innovation.