Step 2 - Co-op and Internship work term Pre-requisites

To prepare for workplace learning, you must first complete the mandatory prerequisite course that prepares you for the workplace. 

Prepare for the work term (pre-requisite courses)

To prepare for workplace learning, you must first complete the mandatory prerequisite course that prepares you for the workplace. 

For most areas of study, you must complete the Career Development-Workplace Preparation Skills (CDEV-WPS) course. CDEV-WPS is mandatory for all Technology students.  For the Hospitality Management Diploma, students are required to take Hospitality Career Skills (HMGT 100); and Hospitality and Tourism Career Development (TMGT 100) is required for the Applied Tourism & Hospitality Management Post-Degree Diploma. Both HMGT 100 and TMGT 100 are offered through the School of Business and are a mandatory component of these programs.

CDEV-WPS courses are offered several times throughout the year and are taught by the Co-op & Internship Coordinators.  You will also be supported by Employment Facilitators, one of whom will be your primary contact and coach as you prepare for and seek a work term.

CDEV-WPS enhances the career development mindset through an applied learning approach. Students will learn job search and career enhancing skills through online self-study materials as well as in-class activities and lectures. There is also the opportunity to practice a number of these strategies with professionals and co-op employers related to their field of study.

Plan carefully to ensure completion of CDEV-WPS at least one semester before commencing your first work term.

“The strength of this course lies in the fact that the people behind, not only the course, but the entire Co-operative Education Department, have diverse knowledge and experience about co-op and the actual workplace environment which they can share with the students. Their teamwork is great in delivering this course.”

Business student, Fall 2017


Through a series of applied and interactive sessions you will learn how to market yourself effectively to prospective employers. You will develop and hone individual employment skills including job search, networking, and interviewing, and discover current and future workplace opportunities and potential career paths.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  1. Identify and evaluate the current and desired skills, knowledge, talents and interests for job search and career management
  2. Prepare a targeted cover letter and resume appropriate to your career path
  3. Develop and execute a networking strategy to maximize career opportunities
  4. Prepare for and perform well in a variety of interview situations
  5. Access resources related to workplace legislation and regulations
  6. Describe the relevance of any anticipated work term to the academic program

Workplace education preparation is standard at most colleges and universities offering co-operative education in Canada. All normal Camosun tuition and registration procedures apply.

You can register for the work term pre-requisite course, CDEV-WPS, on  myCamosun or through Registration.

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Step 3 - Register

Meet the admissions requirements and register for your work term.