Mitacs Business Strategy Internship Program

The CC-BSI program will award eligible students $10,000 ($5,000 of which is contributed by the participating organization) of funding to undertake a 4-month internship with businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Camosun Cooperative Education and Career Services (CECS), in partnership with Mitacs has launched the Mitacs Business Strategy Internship program. The program enables Camosun College students from any program to work with businesses and not-for-profit organizations, applying the theories they’ve learned in school to real-world situations. Internships will be structured to support organizations that need additional assistance in modifying their business operations to adapt to the new economic reality.

Employer Eligibility

  • Willing to contribute $5000 towards each internship grant.
  • Businesses, not-for-profit organizations, municipalities and hospitals.
  • Any private organization with full-time employees.
  • Any registered charity or not-for-profit organization.

Student Eligibility

  • Be a registered Camosun College student.
  • Domestic and international students are eligible.
  • Student can be from any academic discipline.


  • Students helps organizations improve products, processes, materials, systems, or services.
  • Working on innovative development projects.
  • Engaging with business and community.