Co-op Student Stories

First-hand experiences, advice and takeaways from recent co-op students working in a variety of positions and sectors.

What's it like to be a co-op student?

We asked recent students about their co-op work terms - this is what they said.

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Arts and Science student holding a fish on their co-op work term

Arts and Science

“I decided to do a co-op because I knew that it would provide me with valuable and relevant experience for my degree. Having work experience gives you an upper hand by making you stand out from other job applicants." - Viola W.

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Business student with co-worker looking at their computer screen.


"Biggest takeaway would be knowing that I could do it! My work term gave me more confidence in school after realizing I could actually learn and do the work better out in the real world.” - Samantha H.

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Hospitality Management co-op student taking customers' luggage to their room.

Hospitality Management

"When doing your co-op, look for areas that will challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone. Co-op is an excellent opportunity to learn, where the employer will be more patient with you and see you as a learning student." - Maria Carla C.

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Sports co-op student looking a the screen of a machine to assess a client sitting in front of her.

Sport and Exercise

"My co-op helped me to push myself out of my comfort zone and to build confidence in myself and my abilities. I was able to interact with many diverse clients and became more confident in myself and my abilities as a future kinesiologist.” - Donna F.

2022 Student Stories


Technology student standing in front of the company's wall for a picture.


"I know that a lot of students might see the co-op as an extra elective, but I would strongly recommend it.  The experience you get in your field will be absolutely invaluable. Take in all that experience and information because you never know when it will pay off." - Damek P.

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co-op student sitting at the work desk

International Students

“As an International Student I would say don’t limit yourself, don’t restrict yourself, try to figure out what you want out of it because it will be there. Believe that there is something for you and go for it.”- Monika B.

2022 Student Stories


Tech and Business Career Fair 2020 - McElhanney

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