Thrive! Fitness at Home

Get outdoors

One of the great things about Victoria is the weather. It gets a bit soggy at times, but the mild climate allows for year around access to our outdoors. There are some great walking and running trails located near each of our campuses.

A woman and her dog walking a wooded trail

Work up a sweat!

Workout at home along with Camosun Fitness instructors and personal trainers.

HIIT with Joel

Abs with Jenna

Yoga with Beth

Cardio Blast with Jenna


Take a movement break

Research shows that it's important to take breaks and get up from your desk every half hour. The folks at Camosun Fitness have put together these short videos (two to seven minutes) to help you get the movement your body needs throughout the day.

Ergonomic tips

Mindfulness exercises

Movement breaks


Students workout together in one of Camosun's fitness classes

Get involved

Interested in joining a class? Check out the schedule for Fall 2021 and register now!