Welder Level B & A, Upgrading and Testing

Need to upgrade or test your welding skills? We've got you covered. Camosun has programs to upgrade your welding skills in a multitude of specialties. Didn't study at Camosun? Our Welding department is home to some of the most prestigious testing and licensing bodies in Canada.

Level B

Design, build and power your career.

The 16-week competency based Welder B program offers more advanced training on the topics completed in the Foundation program, and also includes training in G.T.A.W. and Pipe Welding. With successful completion of Welder B and 950 work-place hours, welders receive a Certificate of Qualification as a B Welder and the B Stamp in their logbook from SkilledTradesBC, making them eligible to qualify to test for pressure (PWP) testing in British Columbia. Also upon completion of the Welder B program students will write the inter-provincial (Red Seal) welder exam. Upon passing the interprovincial exam and the accumulation of 4,500 work-place hours, welders receive Red Seal, interprovincial certification.

Level A

The 8-week competency based Welder A program continues to build upon the theory and practical learning started in Welder Foundation and Welder Level B. This program teaches more advanced welding skills and related theory. Pipe welding with stainless steel electrodes, low-alloy steel electrodes, more advanced blueprint reading and welding metallurgy are covered. With successful completion of this program and 3,450 work-place hours welders receive the Certificate of Qualification as an A Welder and the A Stamp in their logbook from SkilledTradesBC.


Camosun’s Welding Upgrading program will give you practice and instruction in specific welding procedures that lead to further weld tests and certifications under CWB or ASME. You’ll work in close co-operation with a welding instructor, receiving one-on-one instruction as you refine your professional skills.

You'll study:

  • S.M.A.W. - Shielded metal arc welding in all positions on plate and pipe
  • G.M.A.W. - Gas metal arc welding on pipe and plate of steel and aluminum
  • F.C.A.W. - Flux core arc welding on plate
  • G.T.A.W. - Gas tungsten arc welding on pipe and plate of steel, stainless steel and aluminum

The Welding Upgrading program is taught at the Interurban Campus and starts daily (as space permits). The program length varies dependent upon student progress and expectations.

Contact the Welding Program Leader to register and set up an assessment.


The Camosun welding department is a provincially accredited licensed testing agency and tests welders for:

Contact the Welding Program Leader to register.