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Centre for Trades Education

Fundamental training

Conforming to industry standards, practices and procedures, the competency-based Welder Foundation program provides you with the skills you'll need to prosper in today's job market.

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This full-time program conforms to industry standards, practices and procedures to prepare you for entry-level employment and to begin a welding apprenticeship. Over seven months your training will include:

  • Introduction and safety
  • Oxy-fuel cutting, welding and brazing
  • Shielded metal arc welding
  • Carbon arc gouging 
  • Gas metal & flux core arc welding 
  • Material handling
  • Blueprint reading
  • Welding metallurgy
  • Math

Hands-on learning

You'll gain competence in all welding processes and techniques through individualized and personalized instruction, supported by daily hands-on practice.

You'll develop skills including Oxy-Fuel gas cutting, welding, brazing, material handling, and welding metallurgy.

The welding shop is located in the Centre for Trades Education & Innovation on the Interurban campus. The shop is over 12,000 sq. ft. (1,115 sq. metres) in size.

Next up: Apprenticeship or Modular

As a graduate, you'll be ready to start employment with credit for Level 1 and 2 technical training required by welding apprentices as well as 300 of the 3,000 required hours. As an apprentice, you'll continue to build on your skills and gain the practical experience necessary to become fully qualified through Level 3 to earn your inter-provincial Red Seal certification.

Modular pathways Welder Levels B & A, as well as Upgrading and Testing are also available. If you have completed the Foundation program or have Welder Level C certification and want to advance your career with further training, contact the program leader for more information.”

An investment in your career

Invest in yourself! Seven months of full-time education in the Camosun Welder Foundation program will help you find employment and subsequent apprenticeship for your career as a ticketed welder.


Estimated tuition

Effective from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021.

$2,877 (domestic)

What to expect

Located at our Interurban campus, this full-time program is 28 weeks long. Classes are scheduled for 5 days a week, 6 hours each day. Your typical day includes theory and lectures in the classroom, with the majority of your time in the shop getting hands-on training. You should be in good physical health and have good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. Performance assessment will be a blend of instructor and peer review.

Camosun's Welder Foundation program will teach you the basics in welding to prepare you for your subsequent apprenticeship. Through the ten sequential program courses, you'll develop skills from Oxy-Fuel gas cutting, welding, brazing, and material handling to welding metallurgy and math supplementation.


The Practical (P) modules provide theoretical and practical introductions to individual welding processes in the WELD 110 course. The Related Knowledge (RK) modules cover areas of important background knowledge required by welders such as Metallurgy, Welding Codes or Standards.

  • P1: Introduction/Program Orientation
  • P2: Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting
  • P3: Gas Welding & Braze Welding
  • P4: Shielded Metal Arc 1
  • P5: Carbon Arc Gouging
  • P6: Gas Metal Arc/Flux Core Arc
  • RK1: Material Handling
  • RK2: Blueprint Reading 1
  • RK3: Welding Metallurgy
  • RK2B: Math Supplement

Curriculum & courses

Admission Requirements

Ready to get started? 

When you apply you will need to submit proof that you meet the following admission requirements.

Tip: Where a letter grade is specified, you must have proof of that grade or higher.

One of:

  • C in English 10 
  • C in Camosun Alternative 
  • C in ENGL 058 

And one of:

  • C+ in Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 10
  • COM in MATH 038 

Note: If a student does not have one of these preferred requirements the College will accept a "C" or higher in Foundations of Math and Pre-calculus 10, or Principles of Math 10,or Applications of Math 11, or MATH 053 

Our Teaching Staff

Camosun College is fiercely proud of the excellent quality of its instruction. Our teaching staff are experienced, inspiring and supportive of our students’ individual journeys.

Faculty/staff profile

Kyle Broad

Kyle Broad

Chair, Motor Vehicle and Metal Trades

Kyle began his Trades career when he successfully completed the Red Seal apprenticeship program in Automotive Mechanical Repair at Camosun College in ... Read more

Faculty/staff profile

Program Leader & Instructor, Welder Foundation



Jim is a former student and 1986 graduate of the Camosun College Welding Program.  He is an “A” Level certified Red Seal Pressure Welder, a Level 2 Certified Welding Inspector and ID Program graduate. Jim has worked in steel fabrication shops as a Welder Fabricator and Pipeline Pressure Welder.  He has also held the position of Shipyard Steel Superintendent, Quality Assurance and Pipeline Inspector. Jim has been working at Camosun College 2005. He is very committed to his health and fitness and in his off time enjoys hiking, running, ocean fishing, and riding his Harley. 

Faculty/staff profile

Toolroom Attendant, Welder Foundation


Faculty/staff profile

Instructor, Sheet Metal and Metal Fabrication Foundation


Dave completed his Red Seal in Metal Fabrication at BCIT in 1995 while working at a boatyard on Vancouver Island. From there, he found larger projects in the pulp and paper industry, structural steel and ship construction. Dave also achieved a Red Seal in Welding at Camosun College in 2005. He is currently working as a full time instructor at Camosun College, since 2011, and enjoys developing and delivering curriculum for the Metal Fabrication program. Dave also works instructing in the welding department.  He is inspired by lifelong learning, and will complete the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program through Vancouver Community College in 2014. After work Dave enjoys playing seasonal sports and engages in family life with his wife and two sons.

Faculty/staff profile

Instructor, Welder Foundation

 Chris Stask

Faculty/staff profile

Instructor, Welder Foundation

Alfred Vis

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Jim Stratford

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Camosun College Interurban
4461 Interurban Rd.
Victoria BC V9E 2C1

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