International Education Consultants

If you're interested in representing Camosun as an education consultant, please contact the Regional Manager responsible for your market.

Marketing, Recruitment, and Consultant Relations

International Strategic Enrolment

Mr. Daniel Zeldin
International Strategic Enrolment Manager

Africa, Europe, CIS, Middle East, Oceania, Bangladesh, Pakistan, USA

Mr. Nikolay Gusevskiy
Regional Manager
Tel/WhatsApp/Telegram: available upon request during business hours.
Kindly provide details via email first. 

China, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia

Ms. Niya Liu
Regional Manager
Tel/WhatsApp: +1-250-415-3941
WeChat: Show 微信 QR Code or click here to add Niya on WeChat

India, Nepal, Sri Lanka

Mr. Aditya Bhati
Regional Manager
Tel: +91-9878462330
WhatsApp (urgent matters only): click here to add Aditya on WhatsApp
Hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (Indian Standard Time)

Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand

Ms. Nina Poljak
Regional Manager
Tel/WhatsApp: +1-250-589-5764
Line: Show Line QR Code or click here to add Nina on Line
Kakao: Nina Camosun


Ms. Gilda Torres Rojas
Regional Manager
Tel/WhatsApp: +52-1-55-1003-0929


Ms. Jennifer (Jenni) Montero
Regional Manager
Tel/WhatsApp: +63-917-887-5655

South America, Central America, Caribbean

Mr. Antonio Rivadeneira
Regional Manager
Tel: +1-250-370-3117
WhatsApp: +1-250-216-3314


Ms. Le Thi Ai Tinh (Jasmine)
Regional Manager
Ms. Jasmine is on leave. Please contact Ms. Nina Poljak or submit a webform request.

Your country of residence is not listed above?

Please contact us via webform.


Contracted Education Consultants (only)

For enquiries related to commission and promotional materials, please email

Non-Contracted Education Consultants

Please contact the Regional Manager responsible for your market(s) first. If you operate in several markets, please send an email message and carbon copy (CC) all applicable Regional Managers on your message.

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