Camosun International Team

At Camosun International, we work together to welcome students and partners from around the world. We also bring our expertise to successfully complete international projects and training programs, both locally and overseas. Our team comes from a variety of countries and speaks more than 20 languages combined. Many of us have relocated from our home countries to live in Canada, some of us are born-and-raised Canadians, and all of us have chosen Victoria as our home.

Get to know us


Eva Du

Assistant to the Director

Daniel Zeldin, International Strategic Enrolment Manager, Camosun International

Daniel Zeldin

Associate Director, International Strategic Enrolment Management

Gulcan Barclay, Manager, International Student Services, Camosun International

Gulcan Barclay

Associate Director, International Student Services

Marius Langeland, Global Partnerships Specialist, Camosun International

Marius Langeland

Associate Director, International Partnerships and Projects

Miki Speirs, Assistant to the Director, Camosun International

Miki Speirs

Global Partnerships Specialist

Noriko Matsuo, Financial Coordinator, Camosun International

Noriko Matsuo

Financial Coordinator

Coco Nakabayashi, International Academic Advisor, Camosun International

Coco Nakabayashi

International Academic Advisor

Antonio Rivadeneira, International Student Recruitment Specialist, Camosun International

Antonio Rivadeneira

International Student Recruitment Specialist

Gabriella Sandor, International Academic Advisor, Camosun International

Gabriella Sandor

International Academic Advisor


Laura Ensor

International Student Experience Advisor


Luzia Simoes Pinto

International Student Experience Advisor


Sumie Morison

Coordinator, International Admissions

May Rashidi, International Admissions Officer, Camosun International

May Rashidi

International Admissions Officer

Joyce Wang

Joyce Wang

In-China Representative