Parking Violations and Appeals

Students, employees and guests of Camosun College require a proper parking pass/meter ticket to park in any Camosun College parking lot or they may be subject to a violation.

Parking violations

Anyone parking in Camosun parking lots requires an approved parking pass/permit properly displayed in the car windshield, if applicable. Failure to display/purchase a valid parking pass/permit will be subject to immobilization and potential tow away.

The following are subject to immediate tow away or boot (immobilization):

  • displaying a fraudulent or stolen parking permit or meter ticket
  • parking in a fire lane or along a yellow or red curb
  • unauthorized parking in a Loading Zone
  • parking in a manner that obstructs other vehicles or access lanes
  • parking overnight
  • vehicles showing excessive parking violations at Camosun campuses

A violation notice will be issued for the following:

  • parking in an Employee lot without the appropriate permit
  • parking in the spaces for Persons with Disabilities without a SPARC decal (spaces are reserved 24 hours)
  • parking in a designated service vehicle space
  • parking in any area not designated for said purpose (on grass or access lane)
  • failure to purchase/display a valid permit, or meter ticket
  • parking in a Carpool Zone without a valid Carpool decal

Appeal process for parking violations 

Step 1: Robbins Parking

Parking Violations are handled by Robbins Parking. Once a violation is issued at either Camosun campus, the customer must contact Robins parking office to dispute via:

  • In-person: 1102 Fort St, Victoria, BC
  • Phone: 250-382-4439 (toll-free: 1-866-382-4439)

All violations issued on Campus are $45 but are reduced to $22.50 if paid within seven (7) days. All parking disputes must be appealed to Robbins parking within seven (7) days of receiving the notification.

Once an appeal is submitted, please ensure to follow up with Robbins office within 7 days if you have not had a reply. Please provide your licence plate number or payment notice number when contacting us.

Step 2: Camosun College

If the ticketed individual is unsatisfied with the results of Robbins Parking Appeal Process, there is an option for a last resort appeal process though Camosun College. This process is only available to those who have fully completed the Robbins Parking appeals process, and must be completed within five (5) days of receiving a Robbins Parking Appeal decision.

Contact for a Camosun Parking Appeal Form.

Parking Appeal Committee

The parking appeal committee is formed annually in September and is comprised of three students and three staff/faculty members. Please send an email if you're interested in participating on the parking appeal committee.

main entrance and bus loop for interurban campus

Campus Parking

Parking passes/permits are required in all campus lots.