Public Transit

Buses provide efficient, convenient transport to both campuses.

Bus Passes


The Universal Bus Pass (or U-Pass) is included in student fees for students who are registered in at least one (1) credit course, is revalidated each registration period, and is accessible through BC Transit’s Umo System. The U-Pass gives students access to all buses in the Victoria region.




As a Camosun employee, you are eligible for a year-long ProPass bus pass at a reduced yearly cost. Application forms are available on The Intranet under Facilities Services, Transportation & Parking. The ProPass is a federal tax-deductible expense.


BC Transit is introducing real-time trip info online and on. With NextRide you can:

  • Know in real-time when your next bus will arrive
  • Plan trips more efficiently
  • Hear and see announcements for upcoming stops and board

Visit and follow the instructions to download NextRide to your phone.

Bus routes


4 UVic/Downtown

7 UVic/Fairfield/Downtown

8 Interurban/Tillicum Mall/Oak Bay

9 UVic/Royal Oak

14 Vic General/UVic

15 Esquimalt/UVic


8 Interurban/Tillicum Mall/Oak Bay

9 UVic/Royal Oak

21 Camosun-Interurban/Downtown

22N Vic General/Hillside Mall

39 Westhills/Camosun/Royal Oak/UVic

83 Sidney/Brentwood/Royal Oak

Bus routes between campuses

There may be instances where intercampus travel is necessary. Fortunately, BC Transit has two bus routes that can serve this intercampus need (Route #8 and Route #9.)

Trip planning and service

Visit for trip planning, schedules, service updates and more information. You can also call Transit Info at 250-382-6161.

Accessibility options

BC Transit provides a variety of options for accessibility

If you have a disability that prevents you from using regular public transit buses some or all of the time, you may be eligible for door-to-door custom transit services via HandyDart.

Bike and ride

Try riding your bike one way and taking the bus the other. If your commute is too long to cycle the entire way, try cycling a portion and busing the next.

Victoria Regional Transit has a two bike rack system on every low-floor and double-decker bus routes to assist in longer commutes. 

protected bike storage locker

Ride your bike

Whether a bike is your primary mode of transportation or you're a novice, cycling is a convenient, safe, and efficient option.