U-Pass with Umo

Camosun students who are registered in at least one (1) credit course are eligible to receive a U-Pass, which provides access to transit through the BC Transit Umo system. 

Logo for UMO which is the new BC transit payment provided that students register with to get their free bus pass (u-pass)

This past September, BC Transit launched a new electronic fare system. Students will now use the new electronic fare system, Umo, instead of their Camosun ID Card to access bus services.

Get your Umo U-Pass

Obtaining your U-Pass

You can choose to use either the Umo app or a reloadable Umo card as your U-Pass—you cannot use both. Since the app includes travel tools such as real-time information, maps, and alerts, it is BC Transit’s recommended fare product.

Umo App

Redeeming your benefit code on the app

  1. Download the Umo Mobility mobile app from the Apple App or Google Play Store
  2. Create an Umo account. We recommend you use an email address as your username
  3. Obtain a Benefit Code from myCamosun+
    • Select Manage your U-Pass
    • Select Get Benefit Code
  4. Inside the Umo app, select Redeem Benefit from the top menu
  5. Tap Change Agency and select the Victoria Regional Transit and enter your bus pass code to link your U-Pass to your app
  6. Scan the Validation Code on the Umo app when boarding the bus

Umo Card

Activating your Umo Card

  1. Pick up a card for free from the Library, Camosun College Student Society, or a BC Transit Umo vendor
  2. Obtain a Benefit Code from myCamosun+
    • Select Manage your U-Pass
    • Select Get Benefit Code
  3. Visit ca.umopass.com to create an account and register your card
  4. Once inside, click on the left menu, select Change Agency and select Victoria Regional Transit
  5. Select My Wallet, then Redeem Benefit Code and enter your benefit code to link your U-Pass to your card
  6. Tap your card on the Umo validator when boarding the bus

Learn more about the U-Pass program.

Non-enrolled U-Pass

Students who were enrolled in the previous semester but are not currently enrolled can opt into the U-Pass for the - current semester. The cost is $94. 

Non-enrolled U-Passes are available for purchase at either library during open hours. Bring your current student ID card to set up your non-enrolled pass. For more information, visit camosunstudent.org/services/upass/.

More information

  • You must be registered (not waitlisted) in at least 1 credit course to be eligible for the U-Pass Program.

  • Your U-Pass must be renewed every enrollment period, using the Umo system and a benefit code. This might be each semester, or for some students, as often as monthly.

  • Your U-Pass expires on the last day of the last month of your semester, except in the fall semester when it expires on January 3. The new pass for the winter semester is available on January 1.

U-Pass opt-out criteria

All students are automatically assessed the U-Pass fee. Under specific circumstances, a student may be eligible to opt-out of the U-Pass. The Student Society manages opt-out requests. More information and the request form are available at camosunstudent.org/services/upass/.

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