Disability Parking

Camosun College strives to be an accessible institution; we have various disability parking spaces available as well as parking permit options for those with disabilities.

What type of permit do I need to use the disability parking spaces at

People with disabilities must display:

  1. The internationally accepted blue and white SPARC decal AND
  2. meter receipt purchased from ticket machines or a month-plus permit (Camosun issued) while parking in the disability parking spaces at Camosun College.


How do I obtain a SPARC decal?

Information on SPARC is available from the Disability Resource Centre in Victoria, Langford or Sidney.

Application form.

What is a Month-Plus Permit and how do I obtain one?

A Month-Plus parking permit is available to students with disabilities to use alongside their SPARC decal. It is intended for those with disabilities who have difficulties accessing the parking meters. For administrative purposes, these permits are only issued for periods of one month or longer.

To obtain a Month-Plus permit, an application form needs to be filled out and emailed to the Transportation and Parking office via cam-motion@camosun.ca. Alternatively, you can contact our office by phone at 250-370-3401. We will work out a price for the student based on their needs and will coordinate with the student for payment and pick-up of permits.

Where can I park?

If you have a valid SPARC decal and parking meter ticket or Month Plus parking permit visibly displayed, you are entitled to park at any disability parking spot on campus for the time period designated on your parking permit, regardless if the parking space is in a short-term, general, or staff parking lot.

Disability parking spaces are found in the following lots:

  • Lansdowne: Lots P1, P2, P3, and P5
  • Interurban: Lots P2, P5, P6, and P7, as well as behind the TECH and CBA buildings