Ancillary Services

Revenue generated through Camosun’s Ancillary Services Departments goes back into the college to support the academic mission and student experience.

Keep it on Campus

Camosun employees and students spend almost $1 million per year off-campus on food, printing, books, electronics and other services that are readily available on campus.

Choose Camosun Services and recycle your budget to support Camosun students, services, programs and facilities.

Ancillary Services Bookstore


  • Textbooks, uniforms and course-required clothing, tools and equipment
  • Notebooks, pens, clothing, gifts
  • Quick snacks and drinks
  • Promo items, custom orders
Ancillary Services Child Care

Child Care Services

  • Supporting student learning through observations, research, and supervised practice
  • Fully licensed, quality care on each campus for up to 64 children of students, employees and community members. Early application is recommended
Ancillary Services Facility Rentals

Facility Rentals

  • Beautiful grounds with a variety of spaces for lectures and events, ceremonies and receptions
  • Photography and film production locations and parking
Ancillary Services Food Services

Food Services Contracts

Eateries operated by Aramark Food Services focus on local, sustainable food offerings.

  • Interurban: Charges Café, Busy Beans, reCharge, Trades Café, Pizza Forno, catering
  • Lansdowne: Campus Café, Wilna Thomas Coffee Shop, catering
Ancillary Services Printshop

Print & Graphic Services

Open to the greater Victoria community.

  • Full service graphic design and printing
  • High volume and wide format printing: course packs, banners, signs, pop-up displays and blueprints
  • Custom design and printing solutions for brochures, business cards, invitations and programs

Let's Talk Food Updates

January 2024

The Food Services Committee developed a Request for Proposals (RFP), a public procurement solicitation document describing the needs of the college, and invites service providers to submit proposals. The RFP was issued on October 26, 2023 and closed December 14, 2023. In January, proposals will be analyzed and scored by the committee according to the established criteria – respecting the provincial RFP regulatory process. The campus community will have an opportunity to participate in a portion of the evaluation by viewing a short video submitted by the shortlisted proponents. The videos will be presented in late January. The Committee asked the Proponents to include the following in their video:

  • Proponents’ plan for retail food services at Camosun. Specifically, the differences the Camosun community will notice when returning to campus for the Fall Semester 2024.
  • How the proponent’s company will align with
    Camosun’s mission and values.

Details about the video presentations will be
provided in the coming weeks.

September 2023

With Camosun’s current food services contract expiring at the end of April 2024, Ancillary Services undertook a campus consultation called “Let’s Talk Food” last spring and engaged a food services consultant, to gather input from the College community. The goal of the consultation was to understand what people would like to see on campus, to help guide the future of contracted food services on campus. There was great participation from both students and employees, via survey, focus groups, and stakeholder meetings.

The consultant firm, fsSTRATEGY analyzed the information and identified needs and opportunities. Such as, additional food production facilities, menu variety, low carbon food options, value meals and brands on campus. Furthermore, there is the potential to integrate indigenous foods, make sustainability improvements and incorporate educational programs about the impact of climate friendly foods.

Although the Food Services Industry is going through a challenging period, facing unprecedented cost increases, staff shortage and post-pandemic dining changes; we are confident the future opportunities and the potential demand the college offers, makes a solid business case for food services companies to invest the needed resources, which would benefit the college overall.

In preparation for the new contract, a Food Services Committee has been formed and will develop the terms and requirements for a Request for Proposal (RFP) this fall. The food services RFP covers all catering and retail food services on campus, except the Professional Cook Training Cafeteria. Qualified companies will review the RFP and submit a response detailing how they would meet the service conditions set out in the document.

Our goal is to bring the College's food services to the next level, we want Camosun College to be a place that offers a good selection of great food in a convenient way, while embodying the institutional values. We want to contribute to an inclusive campus experience that offers nutrition, wellness and catalyze climate action.

Aramark is committed to providing the College with a high level of service and will continue to do so through the life of the current contract, end of April. They will be pleased to continue to offer catering services at both campus and operate all food outlets, except for Trades Café due to low sales.

Another update will be issued at the end of the term to outline next steps.

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