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Explore the power of language

English courses can help you, in any discipline, think actively and communicate clearly. Literature courses allow you to understand and interpret language, culture, and tradition, and writing courses develop the skills necessary to articulate your own views with clarity and style.

Writing Effectively

Composition courses hone your ability to articulate your thoughts. They show you how to evaluate and disseminate information.  They enhance your ability to express and defend your ideas.  They help you analyse and make arguments.  Not only are these skills vital in the academic setting, but they also enhance everyday clarity and conviction. 

Reading critically

Literature courses sharpen your critical thinking skills. As you study and interpret great works, you will learn to see the world through diverse points of view. You will explore cultural, social, political, and historical contexts, and learn how to express your insights into different people’s experiences. Literature broadens horizons and illuminates perspectives.

Communicating professionally

Technical and professional writing courses aid you in becoming a competent workplace communicator. You will write correspondences, proposals, manuals, and reports, and learn the value of thoughtful document design.  Whether you are in sport and exercise, technology, community services, environmental technology, or engineering transfer, we have an English course for you.

"Literature is the art of discovering something extraordinary about ordinary people, and saying with ordinary words something extraordinary."

— Boris Pasternak

English Courses

To support your goals and interests, whatever they may be, Camosun offers a huge selection of English courses, for learners at every level, and most college and university programs include at least one English course. To provide maximum flexibility, courses are scheduled throughout the day and throughout the year. 

Course Description

Course Code
Creative WritingCRWR

English as Second Language Courses can be found here.


University Transfer

Not only do we offer the English courses you need to satisfy your Camosun program requirements, but many of our first and second-year courses transfer to other post-secondary institutions. If you are pursuing further studies in English, the humanities, or the social sciences, you can make a great start at Camosun where the classes are small and our instructors are passionate about what they teach.

Related Programs

Camosun College offers many flexible programs that give you the chance to explore your passion for English. As well, most college and university programs include at least one English course as a requirement.

Camosun also offers a chance to upgrade your English skills through programs for native and non-native English speakers.

Choosing the right course for you

Choosing the right course depends on your program and academic goals. An Admissions Advisor can help you decide if you are wanting to become a student. If you are a current student, Academic Advising can help with a program, course or transfer choice.

If your high school transcripts are dated, or if you do not have any transcripts, you will need to take an assessment of your current skills before registering. The results from the assessment will indicate where to start for success. Contact the Assessment Centre. You may be placed into our academic upgrading to finish your high school diploma, or just brush up on a few skills before starting on your post-secondary journey. 

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English faculty

Our English department is comprised of professional, experienced instructors who bring their own unique passions for literature and writing to the classroom.

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The Upgrading and English Help Centres provide writing and English support, Monday-Friday. Online evening appointments may be available.

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