Registration Changes - Credit Course Registration

Get the details on your registration: learn how to manage your waitlist, withdraw from courses, audit courses and how to resolve course conflicts.

Waitlisting Process

A waitlist is a way for you to have a chance to get a seat in a full course section if a seat becomes available. Waitlisting does not guarantee a seat in the course.

Waitlisting for multiple courses

You can waitlist for numerous different courses. You cannot waitlist for more than one section of the same course. For example: you cannot be registered in ENGL 151 001 and be on the waitlist for ENGL 151 002.

Waitlist eligibility

You are responsible for ensuring that you are eligible for any course that you are on the waitlist for and there are no conflicts with the rest of your course schedule, or other issues (outstanding fees, holds, pre-requisites missing, etc.). Waitlists keep running through the weekends when college supports are unavailable, so be sure you are proactive. If you miss your waitlist registration window, it's gone, and there's no way to get it back other than to start over at the bottom.

You will not be able to add a waitlisted course to your schedule if you do not have the prerequisites or meet other eligibility requirements. If you become ineligible to take a course after you join the waitlist (e.g. by dropping a prerequisite), the conflict in the system will prevent your registration.

Time conflicts

You may waitlist for a class that does not fit into your currently registered courses, however, if you are offered a seat, you must correct the time conflict before you will be able to register for the waitlisted course.

Moving from the Waitlist

Waitlist notifications

Waitlist notifications are automated and sent out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are strongly advised to check your email account at least twice a day (morning and evening).

If you do not register for the course by 11:59pm the next day (from receipt of the email), you will be removed from the Waitlist and will not be able to register for the course. If you miss the deadline, you will need to add yourself back to the waitlist or choose another course.

Waitlist registration period

The waitlist opens on the first day of registration (once the course is full, the waitlist is activated) and closes on the add deadline.

Instructors can withdraw waitlisted students for non-attendance. If you are waitlisted for a course and there is a chance you will get in (e.g. you're in the top 5, not 40th on the list), be sure to attend the first day of class or you might be removed from the waitlist for not being there. Each instructor may handle things a little differently, so when in doubt, contact them or show up.

Note If you are waitlisted for an online class, it's your responsibility to contact the instructor to let them know you are still interested.

Keep up with the reading and note-taking and you may want to let the instructor know you are on the waitlist and hope to be offered a seat in the course should one become available.

Registration is not automatic

You will not be automatically registered. You will receive an email to notify you that a spot in the course section has opened and you will have until 11:59pm the next day to register, which will be noted in the email.

If you don't register by 11:59 pm the next day, your chance to register will go to the next student and you will be removed from the waitlist. It is extremely important to check your email account every day to ensure that you do not miss your email notification.

Difficulty accepting seat on myCamosun?

If you have received a waitlist email notification, but myCamosun is not allowing you to enroll in the course, it could be the result of one or more of the following reasons:

  • Timetabling conflict: You cannot be enrolled in more than one class scheduled at the same time. To resolve this conflict, you will need to withdraw from the conflicting course.
  • Holds on your Account: You will not be offered a seat from the waitlist if there are any holds on your Camosun student account that prevent enrolment. A hold is a restriction placed on your account related to outstanding fees or other unresolved obligations with the College.
  • Missing prerequisites or co-requisites: You must satisfy all prerequisite or co-requisite requirements in order to enroll from the waitlist.
  • Enrolment in another section of the same course: You cannot be enrolled in more than one section of the same course. To resolve this issue you will need to withdraw from the other section of the same course.
  • Registration credit limits: If your schedule exceeds 18 credit hours (or 21 for students with a cumulative GPA of greater than 6.0) you will not be able to register. You will need to withdraw from one of your current courses so that you don't exceed the credit limit in order to register in the waitlisted course.

Waitlist Status

Waitlist position

You can view your waitlisted classes and position by logging into myCamosun.

Withdrawing from a waitlist

If you withdraw from a course that you are waitlisted for, the class will be removed from your timetable and you will lose your position on the waitlist.

After receiving an email notification that a seat is available for you from a waitlist, you have 24 hours to log in to myCamosun and register.

As a courtesy to other students on a waitlist, please remove yourself from the waitlist if you are no longer interested in taking the course.

Add, Withdraw or Audit course - timelines/deadlines

Important Dates & Fee deadlines

Adding a Course After Deadline

  • After the add deadline, if you have extenuating circumstances requiring you to add a course late, you must obtain permission from the instructor followed by the Dean of the school offering the course. Full instructions available on the Late Course Add Request form.

Withdraw from Course

Camosun College recognizes that students may need to withdraw from courses. The Withdrawal Period begins the day after the Add/Drop Deadline and continues until the post deadline date. Students wishing to officially withdraw from a course before this deadline may do so through myCamosun. 

A “W” (withdrawal) status will be entered on the student’s record to indicate an official withdrawal has taken place. Withdrawing from credit courses does not affect grade point averages (GPA) provided students officially withdraw before the deadline.

Withdrawals will not be permitted after the withdrawal deadline date. Students who do not officially withdraw prior to the published deadlines, and who fail to successfully complete required course work, will be assigned the final grade earned.


  • Students are recommended to assess the impact of adding/dropping courses, as it may affect completion of Camosun programs or transfer to another institution. Students may wish to consult with Academic Advisors or program Chairs. Adding/dropping courses during the academic year may also jeopardize student eligibility to continue to receive financial aid during that year. It is imperative that students receiving assistance consult the Financial Aid and Awards office before any drop of courses, or change of program.
  • Simply informing an instructor of an intent to withdraw is insufficient; students must officially withdraw using mycamosun or with assistance from the Registration Department.

    Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal Appeal

    Students who have serious medical or compassionate circumstances may apply for a late drop and possible tuition refund. Requests will normally only be considered up to the last day of instructional activity (prior to final exams). Please Refer to the policy and Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal form for more information.

    See also Refund Policy under Fees and Financial Policies and Procedures.

    Auditing Courses

    All courses except those listed as "Restricted" are available to audit. If you are a current student and you wish to audit a course, follow these steps:

    • On the first day of class, contact the instructor to request their approval on a Permission to Audit (PTA) form
    • Once you have been admitted to the class, submit the completed and signed (by instructor) form to Registration.
    • If permission to audit is granted:
      • prior to the add deadline, 50% of the tuition fees are assessed
      • after the add deadline, full tuition fees are assessed
      • if previously enrolled in the course, and switch to audit is approved, fees will be adjusted according to the above timelines