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Hospitality Management students

Manage fine hotels and restaurants

Start in September or January

With your applied skills and a global perspective, you'll be in demand in the hospitality industry. You'll be following almost 40 years of graduates, who now have successful careers in some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in Canada and around the world. You will also be well-prepared to pursue entrepreneurial business ventures.

Dunlop House

The Dunlop House Restaurant

All the applied learning classes are delivered out of the Dunlop House Restaurant, located at the Lansdowne campus, we consider this the heart of the program. From this professional facility, you will get to apply newly acquired skills and techniques.

Open for lunch (11:30am -12:30pm) and dinner (5-6:30pm) Wednesdays from October until April, the restaurant features licensed bistro style dining utilizing award winning locally sourced, organic, and sustainable offerings, many in a variety of sizes, at affordable prices.  Find out more and make a reservation

Information Sessions

The School of Business Information Sessions are a great way to learn more about a program and to get your questions answered by faculty and staff.

Missed the live Information session?

If you missed the live session we've got you covered. Download the 2021 Summer Information Session PDF with clickable links.

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International students please contact International Admissions

Skills to be career ready

The long history of Camosun's Hospitality Management program's success is due in large part to a strong applied learning philosophy. The time you spend in the program will provide you with opportunities to apply what you will learn in an academic setting and gain real life hands-on experience.

Estimated tuition

Effective from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022.

$9,182 (domestic)

$33,520 (international)

Tuition is based on 5 academic courses

Additional Student Fees

What to expect

The program consists of 21 courses and 2 internships starting in the Fall and Winter term.  Program courses are delivered in a face-to-face instruction.

Internship Option 

Apply your classroom skills in the workplace and bring your workplace skills back to the classroom! An Internship work term is a great opportunity to gain work experience in your field while enrolled in your academic program. 

When you engage in an internship, you get an early start on preparing for your career after graduation! You will be joining a growing number of students who choose the opportunity to alternate between full-time studies and full-time paid work where you can bring your applied classroom learning to life.

Co-operative education is a learner-centered model that empowers you, the student, to direct your own learning and to make a valuable contribution in the workplace. Your learning will be guided and supported by both your employer and the School with a faculty member from your program assigned to coach, monitor, and evaluate your work term development.

To participate in Co-operative Education, prior to your first work term you will need to successfully complete

  • HMGT 100, HMGT 184, HMGT 186, HMGT 190 with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (C+)

Talk to your Co-op & Internship Coordinator, or login to the Co-op and Career Portal to book a Co-op Information Appointment with an Employment Facilitator to get more information. Connect with your Academic Advisor to plan your program and how co-operative education can fit. 

The Camosun Student Pub

The first-year Hotel and Restaurant Management students operate a pub at the Dunlop House most October to December months on Thursdays from 4 to 6pm. This exciting course provides an opportunity for students to run their own pub operation and gain experience in special function management, licensing, liquor inventory and control, bartending, serving, food costing, food preparation and presentation, menu preparation, cash control and financial reporting.

The pub is open to students, faculty and guests. There's a new fun theme each week such as: Comedy Night, Beach Night, Shooter Pub, 50s Rock, Karaoke, Ski Night, Mexican/Tequila Night, Australian Night and many more! There is also a new menu each week with delicious food at very reasonable prices.

International education

Explore the world through study abroad opportunities. Camosun offers many exchange opportunities with partner institutions around the world, as well as several field school opportunities each year. Your chance to rethink your classroom starts here!

If you are an international student coming to Camosun as an exchange student from one of our partner institutions, learn more about Camosun's international department.

After graduation

As a Camosun alumnus, the program's reputation will precede you with years of quality graduates in your corner. As your career grows you can look forward to key management roles in hotels, restaurants, resorts as well as other prominent positions in the business sector.

You can also continue your education, transferring to bachelor's degree programs at Camosun College, Capilano University, Royal Roads University, Vancouver Island University, University of Victoria. Transfer credit to other post-secondary institutions on a course by course basis is available. Our Academic Advisors can help you plan your journey.

A rewarding career

Accommodation service managers in BC earn a median annual salary* of $52,000 depending on employer and seniority.

*2018 Job Bank Wage data

Curriculum & courses

Admission requirements

When you apply you will need to submit proof that you meet the following admission requirements.

Tip: Where a letter grade is specified, you must have proof of that grade or higher.

One of:

For more detailed information about this program and specific admission requirements, see the Academic Calendar.

Note: Students who have already completed some course work at a professional institute or another post-secondary institution should submit official transcripts to be assessed for transfer credit.

Missing admission requirements?

Take an assessment or upgrade with us.


Academic Calendar

Our teaching staff

Camosun College is proud of the excellent quality of its instruction. Our teaching staff are experienced, inspiring and supportive of our students' individual journeys. For more information about our faculty, please visit the School of Business homepage.



Faculty/staff profile

Department Chair/Instructor, Hospitality, Tourism, & Golf Management

Carl Everitt

Department Chair

Carl Everitt is the Chair of the Hospitality, Tourism and Golf Management Programs. In addition, he also holds the responsibility of facilitating and ...

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Faculty/staff profile

Niranjala Storm Instructional Assistant, Hospitality, Tourism, & Golf Management

Niranjala Storm

Instructional Assistant

Niranjala has been an instructional assistant in the hospitality department since 2012.  She has a Post Degree Diploma in Business Administration ...

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Hospitality Management student

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Find a full list of courses and specific admission requirements. 

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