Heavy Mechanical Foundation, Certificate

Think big! The 39-week Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation program at Camosun College will help you gain the skills required to be successful in a Heavy Mechanical Trades career.


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Fundamental training

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Big equipment is expensive and down time is even more expensive. Skilled mechanics are in constant demand to keep these essential vehicles in top running order for the construction, transportation, mining and forestry industries.

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Upon successful completion of the Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation program, you'll possess the full range of basic knowledge of the Heavy Duty, Truck and Transport, Diesel Engine, and Transport Trailer trades.

Upon completion of the foundation program, you will have completed the technical in-school training related to Level 1 apprenticeship in the particular trade. You will possess the abilities and skills required to safely adjust, maintain, and operate the equipment or vehicles related to these trades at a Level 1 apprentice.

Camosun's 39-week full-time Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation program will give you the skills and theory you'll need to enter the trade.

Hands-on learning

As a Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation student you'll inspect and repair heavy trucks, commercial trucks, buses, diesel engines, transport trailers, cranes, graders, drills, bulldozers and other heavy equipment for proper performance.

You'll also service engines and engine support systems, hydraulic systems, pheumatics, and drive trains. Other duties include adjusting equipment, welding and cutting, repairing or replacing defective parts, components, or systems, using hand and power tools and test equipment.

Through this foundation program, you will also participate in three weeks of work experience.

Next up: Apprenticeship

When you graduate, you'll receive equivalent credit for Apprenticeship Level 1 technical training as well as some of the required work-based training hours.

As an apprentice, you will continue to build on your skills in your speciality and gain the practical experience necessary to become fully qualified through Level 2, 3 and 4 to get your ticket in the speciality of your choice.

Employment opportunities

Graduates have found employment in the forestry, mining, fishing, and construction industry or with equipment dealers and manufacturers of heavy equipment. You can also find work in bus or truck repair shops and the commercial truck, bus and van industries.

What you'll learn

Current students wanting information about your program, go to student planning in myCamosun.

Program outline

For more details, including courses, please see the program outline in the Academic Calendar.

Program outline

What to expect

Located at the Interurban campus, the Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation is a 39 week program that includes technical training and a work experience component. This program will be of interest to individuals looking for a career as a Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Truck and Transport Mechanic, Diesel Engine Mechanic or Transport Trailer Technician. The program will cover 36 weeks of ITA Level One learning outcomes in the technical training requirements for all four heavy mechanical trades.

You will also be required to find an employer to complete a three week work experience. (You may be able to apply your work experience towards your apprenticeship hours at the discretion of your Apprenticeship sponsor.)

You should be in good physical health and have good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.

All trades programs have a mandatory attendance requirement. If you miss three days in a class, you may be required to withdraw from the course. (Exemptions may be made in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Dean.)

Tuition and fees

Effective from September 1, 2022, to August 31, 2023

Estimated tuition

Tuition estimates are for the entire program.

Heavy Mechanical Foundation, Certificate

$4,163 (domestic)

Domestic tuition fees vary depending on the individual course fees for the classes you select.

Student fees

In addition to tuition estimates, student fees are calculated based on your enrolment. Refer to: Student Fees.

Financial assistance

You may need to find more than one source of funding to help pay for your education and living costs while attending college. Check out sources of money you don't need to pay back as well as those that need to be repaid.

Financial Aid & Awards 

Curriculum & courses

Start in September

Foundation program schedules

Admission Requirements

When you apply you will need to submit proof that you meet the following admission requirements.

Tip: Where a letter grade is specified, you must have proof of that grade or higher.

One of:

  • C in English 11 
  • C in ENGL 058 

And one of:

  • C in Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 11
  • C in MATH 038 

Note: If you don't have one of the preferred math requirements the college will accept a "C" or higher in Foundations of Math 11, or Pre-Calculus 11, or Principles of Math 11, or Applications of Math 11, or MATH 073  or MATH 137.

For more details, including courses, please see the program outline in the Academic Calendar.

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Faculty/staff profile

Kyle Broad

Kyle Broad

Chair, Motor Vehicle and Metal Trades

Kyle began his Trades career when he successfully completed the Red Seal apprenticeship program in Automotive Mechanical Repair at Camosun College in ...

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Faculty/staff profile


Mark Price

Program Lead, Instructor, Heavy Mechanical

Faculty/staff profile

David Lacey

David Lacey

Toolroom Attendant

Faculty/staff profile


Tom Teer

Instructor, Heavy Mechanical Foundation

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Specialty programs

Camosun offers specialty programs to support trades education for Women and Indigenous people. 

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Mark Price

Program Lead

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Camosun College Interurban
4461 Interurban Rd.
Victoria BC V9E 2C1

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