Spotlight on Innovation

Camosun Innovates uses cutting edge technology such as 3D printers, robotic systems and 3D scanners to allow faculty and students from different disciplines to turn their ideas into reality. 

Camosun manufacturing over 9,000 medical grade face shields

Camosun Innovates is contributing their expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities at the Babcock Canada Interaction Lab in the fight against COVID-19. Working in collaboration with local industry partner AP Plastics, Camosun Innovates is producing thousands of medical grade face shields for local health care professionals.

More on the face shields including design files.

Manufacturing Canada’s first sim(PLY) DIY housing model

Prototype house using new Sim[PLY] building system--a patented technology that allows a home to be built without the use of power tools or nails.

Prototype house using new Sim[PLY] building system--a patented technology that allows a home to be built without the use of power tools or nails.

Fuelled by the pioneering sim(PLY) technology designed by Clemson University, Camosun Innovates is currently manufacturing a proof-of-concept housing structure at the college’s Interurban campus—the first step in an international post-secondary and community partnership that seeks to make this unique affordable housing solution widely available in BC’s capital region.

Camosun College launches world-class Babcock Canada Interaction Lab

L-R: Mike Corrigan (former TRADEmark Campaign Cabinet Member); Ben Kostin (Student, Camosun College); Tim Walzak (Director, Camosun Innovates); Mike Whalley (President, Babcock Canada); Geoff Wilmshurst (VP Partnerships, Camosun College); Sherri Bell (President, Camosun College); Russ Lazaruk (Chair, Camosun College Board of Govenors)

The Interaction Lab has enormous possibility for Camosun. The vision is to expand the possibilities of new and innovative applied learning experiences to a wide range of students and faculty.

Camosun College launches world-class Babcock Canada Interaction Lab

Camosun College and Babcock Canada joined forces today for an exciting virtual reality ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the new Babcock Canada Interaction Lab at the college’s Interurban campus.

Virtual reality lab gives manufacturers interactive design edge

VR controller and headset

Camosun Innovates uses HTC VIVE technology and equipment to power its virtual reality simulator.

VR’s implications for education, local manufacturing and working across sectors and disciplines to solve global problems are immensely exciting. 

Past projects


CTAC works with companies to enhance their productivity and innovation, without competing with local small and medium-sized enterprises.

3D scanning and prototyping

Hand-held air horn design for manufacturing

This project began by involving the clients in a clay modeling exercise under the direction of an Industrial Designer. 3D scanning clay prototypes allowed CTAC to develop an ergonomic and aesthetic form factor that accommodated the necessary internal components in a design that was created for injection molding.

Additive manufacturing with fused deposition modeling (FDM) and stereolithography (SLA) printers

For the past 5 years, CTAC has provided local companies with printing services and insights into additive manufacturing processes. In this time CTAC has worked with companies such as Scott Plastics, Starfish Product Engineering, Suregrip, Viking Air and Novadaq Technologies.

3D evaluation of part deformation under load

Using existing 3D scanning technology, CTAC developed a process that allowed a local aerospace company to accurately assess the deformation in an aircraft wing while under load. In addition to the vertical amplitude of deflection, CTAC was able to characterize the torsion that occurred in the structure.

Productivity enhancement

Manufacturing cell simulation and optimization

CTAC designed and optimized a manufacturing cell for ASA Soft. Using software CTAC was able to model the physical layout and staffing requirements to produce a requisite number of manufactured units. This model represented a critical component of a very successful business plan.

Composite tooling and parts manufacturing

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mold design and manufacturing

CTAC has employed its large envelope, 5-axis CNC mill to machine numerous molds used in the manufacturing of UAVs. The last set of molds machined by CTAC were created for use by Harwood Custom Composites. These molds measured 12’ x 4’.

Dash and console, design and manufacturing, for a driving simulator

Working with VRX simulators, CTAC designed and manufactured a lightweight dash and console for a two-seat driving simulator. The dash and console, created with a lightweight core and tooling paste, was CNC machined and hand finished to accept a high gloss automotive paint. The finished project won second prize at the 2016 Microsoft Global Exchange Event.

Technology and human performance

Wheelchair rugby and sledge hockey

CTAC currently provides specialized seating solutions for the Canadian Sledge Hockey and Canadian Wheelchair Rugby teams.

Training content development

BCcampus interactive training content

CTAC has developed interactive training content for BCcampus. This digital content challenges students and results in improved learning outcomes.