Student Interaction

Camosun Innovates is committed to applied learning and empowers students in a way that makes education meaningful. Working with Camosun Innovates gives students the real world skills and experience they need when they go out into the employment world, as well as providing unique opportunities for companies to gain access to new product ideas, new technology, and new employees.

Learning through experience

Meet Ben Costin, a Mechanical Engineering Technology grad. Ben describes his learning and work experience at Camosun and Camosun Innovates.

The success of student-industry partnerships

Camosun College has emerged as a top regional leader in applied research and innovation, says Dr. Tim Walzak, Director of Camosun Innovates. “It sets us apart from other institutions and we’ve made it a top priority for the continued transformation of the college going forward,” he notes.

Walzak believes that applied research is key to Camosun’s success in supporting local industry and it is already serving as a dynamic catalyst of innovation throughout the region. “We know that technology is changing very rapidly in today’s workplace and we want to make sure that Camosun’s curriculum reflects those rapidly changing opportunities.”

In 2017, Camosun's Board of Governors Award for Innovation was awarded to Mechanical Engineering Technology student Ben Costin, who worked with Camosun Innovates during his studies. Costin helped local company Ocean Rodeo to develop a ground-breaking new control bar for the global kiteboarding industry.

Ben is a dedicated, hardworking, and very intelligent employee. He offers insights and solutions in areas that are valuable to our company.

Alastair Wood, Ocean Rodeo Product Designer

Ocean Rodeo is pleased with its collaboration with the college. “Working with Camosun has been valuable to us because it enables us to have access to machinery and expertise that we would otherwise have no affordable means of accessing. It allows us to accurately test and quantify ideas in a controlled and reliable manner.”