Rescheduled Camosun Course Exams

The Assessment Centre is now offering up to 12 appointments each week to provide exam invigilation service for Camosun students who are unable to write midterms or finals as originally scheduled.

Students who wish to use this service must get approval from their instructor. Instructors are required to transmit exam materials or instructions to the Assessment Centre at least 1 day prior to the rescheduled exam appointment (not including weekends).


Information for students

You must have your instructor's permission and know the latest date you are allowed to write before you schedule your exam.

Information you will need to know when you book includes: 

  • Camosun student number
  • Instructor name
  • Course name and section number
  • Midterm or final?
  • Paper-based or online?
  • Exam duration (max: 3 hours)

Note: Booking availability is limited. Be sure your appointment date meets your instructor's requirements.

Information for instructors

Learn about the process:

Submit your exam materials:

Questions? Email us at or call 250-370-3597