After You Apply, Domestic Students

You’ve chosen what you want to study and submitted your application. What happens after you’ve applied? When might you be offered a seat in your program of choice?

If you're an International student (not a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident), see the International Application Process.

After you submit your application

  • As a domestic applicant, you can expect to receive all communications from Camosun Admissions by email. Emails will include your Camosun Student ID
  • An Admissions Advisor will evaluate your application and notify you about your next steps within 2-4 weeks
  • Evaluation of your application is based on the official transcripts and any other supporting documentation that you have submitted
  • Admission is granted on a first-qualified, first-served basis, except for competitive entry programs
  • High school applicants may be granted conditional admission to some programs and will be placed on the program list at the time of application – the admission requirements for the program must still be met, but at a later date
  • If your application is not admissible, check out the options under How to Apply Step 4 - Meet program admission requirements

Offers of Admission

  1. Once you are deemed to be admissible, or conditionally admissible, for your program, we will notify you of this status
    • If there is a long time between the date you become admissible and your offer of admission, we will keep in touch via email
    • Please let us know if you change your mind about your program or need to update your contact information
  2. You will receive an Offer of Admission (program invitation) by email for the program start that is available for you
    • You will need to pay a non-refundable Registration Deposit to accept your Offer of Admission by the deadline provided
    • The non-refundable deposit applies to the total tuition & fees payable for that academic term with the balance of fees payable according to published fee deadlines
    • For most programs starting in September, Offers of Admission will begin in February of each year and will continue until the program is considered full
  3. If after accepting your offer you decide it is not the right time for you to start school, you may submit an Offer of Admission Deferral Request

Next Step

Registering in your courses.

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