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High School Applicants Conditional Admission

If you are enrolled in grade 12 in a Canadian secondary school, and working toward meeting graduation requirements, you are eligible* for this special admission category when you apply between September 15 to May 15.

*Limited enrolment programs are not eligible for conditional admission for applicants outside BC/Yukon

This special admission is conditional and you are responsible for satisfying program admission requirements with your interim and final grades. 

Special admission FAQs

When do I apply? 

As a current grade 12 high school student, you can apply on or after September 15 until May 15 of your Grade 12 year

How do I apply?  

Submit your application through EducationPlannerBC. 

How do I submit my transcripts? 

BC/Yukon students will need to grant authorization for Camosun College to receive your grades electronically through the Student Transcripts Service .

Students outside BC/Yukon will need to submit interim and final grades by having their high school/Board of Education/ Ministry of Education send interim/final transcripts directly to

Contact your high school counsellor for assistance. 

The program I applied to has non-academic admission requirements, when do those need to be completed? 

Proof of non-academic requirements such as attendance at an information session, work/volunteer experience, or a keyboarding assessment, etc., must be submitted to Admissions by June 30.

What is the difference between a limited enrolment program and open enrolment program? 

Limited enrolment has a defined limit on the number of students accepted to the program. In many cases, enrolment is cohort-based, and courses are only available to those students enrolled within the program. Also referred to as a ‘Seated Program.’ 

Open Enrolment program has no defined limit on the number of students accepted into the program. 

How will I know the status of my application?  

You will be notified about the status of your program choice and current availability once your application is processed. If you have not received an email after you applied, contact us at

When will seat offers - program acceptances be sent out?  

You will be emailed a seat offer letter when space becomes available for you (typically sometime between January and May unless it is a high demand program). This offer requires payment of a non-refundable deposit by a deadline to hold your seat.

What does high demand program mean? 

High demand programs are those that have limited enrolment capacity and we have more admissible applicants than seats available. Your application is added to the waitlist for the program based on your application date. You will be notified in our initial communication after you have applied if the program is high demand and what the likelihood is of admission for September. 

When will you review interim/in progress grades? 

Interim/in progress grades are due May 16. Between May 16 and June 1, we review your interim transcripts and in progress grades to ensure you are either completed or in progress with the program admission requirements

When will you review final grades and high school graduation? 

Final grades and completion of high school graduation are due by July 28 and will be reviewed between July 28 and August 15. 

What happens if my grades don’t meet admission when you review my interim or final grades after I have already accepted a seat offer? 

If you accept a seat offer and pay the non-refundable deposit but your grades do not meet the program admission requirements, your seat offer will be withdrawn and we will retain the non-refundable deposit. You will be sent an email notification. We will also be happy to recommend other options available to you. 

What happens if my grades don’t meet admission when you review my interim or final grades before I have been given a seat offer? 

If you have not received a seat offer and your grades do not meet the admission requirements, your application will be considered not admissible, and you will no longer qualify for special admission. You will be sent an email notification. We will be happy to recommend other options available to you. 

What if I want to change the program I have applied to or want to submit additional applications to other programs? 

If you decide to change programs or apply to other programs before you are admitted, you will need to submit another application through EducationPlannerBC. To still be considered under this special admission category, your application needs to be submitted between September 15 to May 15. 

What if I am no longer interested and would like to withdraw my application? 

If you are no longer interested in the program you have applied to, you should notify Admissions

I have taken Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, are they eligible for advanced credit? 

If you want your AP or IB courses evaluated for possible university-level transfer credit, you need to submit an official AP or IB transcript and apply for transfer credit at Camosun College. Ask your high school counsellor how to request these transcripts. 

Need help or have any other questions?  

Contact an Admissions Advisor

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